Master and Servant Challenge FAQ/Answers/Questions (Update 24 March 2005)


paperclip: I agree.


Paul: Thank you.

Still no updates…maybe the judges ran off??:scream: They just couldn’t decide who should win, so they legged it.:shrug: :slight_smile:


OK, I have a question!

On the next challenge, since we now know there will be no book, can we work at a slightly lower resolution?

I started mine about 300 pixels shorter before I read the outline properly, and then I fixed it to the minimum, and my computer just started to chug. Having the larger size really hamstrung my ability to work quickly. I had to paint several parts of my image in a smaller file, and transfer the layers in.

Considering there’s no chance of being printed anymore, perhaps a resolution that is more in line with web viewing?


Yes, the requirements should be for lower resolution. :thumbsup: My entry took me A LOT of time and now I can only print a high quality copy for myself and put it in a frame:sad:


Well not too bad a loss then :slight_smile:
You have a wonderful picture in a poster printable size that you can frame.

Should try that more often:thumbsup:

I get what you mean about being obligated to make it in large scale. It is is always handy to have a few, if not a dear lot of your works such.
Though the printing-out is a bit too expensive this way.



Don’t forget that in the challenge info page, it said that one of the reasons for asking for a high res piece is so that the entrants can get used to working in print- res formats. This is useful for students and anyone not yet used to working for publishing/print formats. It provides a whole new host of cute problems for you to work around and it’s as well you’re learning this for a non-paying project, right? Would you normally do this? Chances are you wouldn’t. Now you know how to produce a print-ready piece. Congratulations!:thumbsup:


Too bad about the book. But completely understand your situation.

Having 3-4 challenges a year, with book coming out for each one. I kinda figured it would be hard on the sales.

Maybe you guys could consider having winners from the four challenges in the same year, and publish a book with the winners from each of the challenges on one book. Maybe include “just the images” for the people who are runners-up, without the how to’s to save on print costs.

Because there are improving amount of entrants for the new competitions, if you include all the winners from this challenge, previous challenge, and upcoming ones this year. I think the sales would definitely go up. And thus giving more exposure to the artists, and more sales for the publisher. Just an idea…



Get used to working at print res… you’ll regret it later if you do not. :smiley:


I meant that everyone should choose for himself if he wants to work for print or not. I often make images for print and know that if someone wants something like 2000x3000pix as minimum that means that your minimum must be at minimum +30%. And this means: large file, lot of work, RAM problems etc. The problem is not just to make a picture at a higher resolution, but to FILL this area with details which require this resolution. If your picture looks good in A5 this doesn’t mean that it’ll look good in A3. And now the higher print resolution is a little bit useless if I’m not going to print.
I see that people often cancel their projects because of lack of time. And if the challenges become more frequent I’ll not be able to take part in them even if I want. Someone has to work for the living, after all.


Trust me;
It would be definately an unfair competition on the behalve of those that choose to go for a lower res. Since a high res can offer so much work in presentation.

And it is a good idea to manage a unified limit to get things more evened out. As much as a variaty is a good one, things start showing up complaining about how better other peoples computers are and how they are more able to enter a high res and etc and etc…
Intended or not; I think by putting a limit to have a publishable entry in the begining of it all, they sort of eliminated such a conflict.

None the less… it is Balistic PUBLISIHING … You know.
The guys have just gotta put a foot down somewhere! :stuck_out_tongue:

So I personally like the thought, and would like it to be kept this way. If I win or get to a high stat between all the entries at any raet… I would definately want a big sized print out of it to hang… Even if it is not going to be published :wink:



Agreed. Even my personal work is done at 300ppi. Besides, rendering tight details is almost impossible at a low resolution. :wink:


I agree with Black- it would end up being a multiple-tier contest, with one ‘standard’ for the hi-res people and another for the lower-res people. How could you judge both standards at the same time, fairly?

I like it the way it is. I’ve learned a lot from working at hi-res, mostly that I really need to calibrate my monitor- when I looked at my work from someone else’s computer, the colors were WAY too garish…:cry:

There should be a standard ‘calibration’ for all computer artists-- that would make so much sense.


HI-Res …is our friend…:). There are millions of things u have to consider when working in 2K and more Resolution…so it’s nice thing like it is in my humble opinion.:bounce:


yup, yup, yup. a collective annual book for all challenges held would be great.

i personally dont like ads but its a money making solution. ive worked for print and the cost is just crazy to release such quality books. never the less;

  1. you need the cash to produce the books
  2. you need to get the cash back for business purposes
  3. i think the idea of having an artist’s work inside a printed material gives the challenges an extra kick of competetiveness.
    ads anyone? (ouch!)

just an OPINION. hmmm. sometimes boredome has different effects on the mind.


Personally, as much as I like books which collect great art, like Expose or Spectrum, i think i would like even more a book that did the same thing but also showed a whole bunch of step-by-steps as to how the images were created. and one that collected the best of several contsts would have the sort of breath that a single-challenge collection might not feature. But then, i’m a figital artist, of course I’m going to like digital art step-by-steps! I don’t know about the general purchasing public, whether they want to see that kind of detail or just look at pretty pictures. But maybe if they would enjoy that, there could be a move waible market for something like this… If you folks feel like doing or even have means to do the research…? :slight_smile:



Walrus: That sounds like a good idea. It would make the book useful beyond a reference book that sits on the shelf or table. It would be attractive for students.

Check out “Digital Fantasy Painting Workshop” - By Martin McKenna. There’s lots of useful step by step info in there. And it’s found easily via Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This question might already have been answered, but can the Ballistic books be made available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble? Seems like a huge market that isn’t being tapped. You guys might also consider sending advertizing emails to every CG and Architecture, and Art school you can find. Even EBGames and Gamestop stores would probably carry the Oddworld books. Some more marketing could help.

Also, maybe print smaller books?

Just my opinion.


Any news on judging? Maybe winners got their “you won” messages already?


Is it hard to wait my friend ? :banghead: hahaha…


Maybe winners got their “you won” messages already?

yea and I says like : “Wow! U gotta be kidding me!”

and they says : “Yep, sorry, dude”

And I criez a river

better luck for the rest of u!



Lemog, right, mate :slight_smile:

Squibbit, cool.