Master and Servant Challenge FAQ/Answers/Questions (Update 24 March 2005)


Mibus, when is the next one (challenge)?

And are you going at the next wand convention.

  1. I don’t know, it depends on too many things at this point.

  2. Last May 7, it was a byline at the time-traveller’s convention.


Yes, and first one to be consider is how long M & S judging will last…maybe even 3-4 months! :wink:



i agree… pushes my butt to do something:D … thnx CGT:applause: now i have a 2d to boast yeeyyyy!!


Hmm, 4 times a year, that would mean we could expect another challenge within a month or two?

(fires up my brand new wacom, yey!)


Cool, there’s probably time to do this month’s 10Second club clip, it just got posted.


Hi Mibus!

I was wondering… when have the finalist have to upload their making of from their work?
After the GSO challenge (i think one week after that) there was a mail from Daniel how and when to submit the making of.
I did´t found any information about this on cgtalk or dit i miss something… :curious: :slight_smile:

I also checked my mailbox from the last weeks… hmm… nothing… :frowning:

Dit you know something about it?!
Thanks a lot Alex


same question here…thx


I don’t know anything about it, but I know it hasn’t happened yet. I’ll post back when I hear anything.


Am also curious about these things. Of course it’s not depends on you Robert but you’re the “light keeper” :slight_smile: here. It’s over almost a month and nothing closer information about the future steps. Nothing serious, just an other excited man’s post. Have nice day/night to you and everyone :wavey:


I re-read instructions and to me it sounds like only those who wins something must send “making of -files”. Anyhow I have a slight problem, since I am planning to go “holiday” for several weeks to a place I do not have a good chance for web or making my WIP images either. So if I win something and I am in a “middle of desert” it will be a BIG problem. Even I could check my e-mail (which I can do occasionally) I have to cancel my holiday and come back to home to do those files needed…

I think best way would be to do those files “just in case” and take them with me to a holiday. Problem is that I do not know what is needed. Like image sizes…what to include and how much is a minimum of “showing progress”.



It sounds like the winners are notified first of their winning- then they submit the ‘making of’, then the plebs get to find out who won afterwards.:smiley:


Hi all,

Just a quick note to say that we have officially cancelled the production of future CG Challenge books. Despite the community giving us 99% positive support in our market survey and rave reviews from people who have bought the MachineFlesh and Grand Space Opera books, the niche nature of the titles and low volume of total sales speaks for itself. We will not be publishing a Master and Servant book, but will be posting making-of’s for selected winning artwork for the Challenge on CGNetworks at the conclusion of judging.

Our upcoming book titles include D’artiste: Character Modeling and D’artiste: Matte Painting. These look spectacular and I’m sure that you will find them just as inspiring and educational as the CG Challenge titles are.

You can still purchase both MachineFlesh and Grand Space Opera from the CGProShop here:

We continue to receive very positive comments about the CG Challenge books, but we will no longer be publishing these titles in the future.




when the result come out ??


oh POO.
And I wanted a M&S servant book so much :frowning:

Well business is business. Good you will still be publishing the stuff on the website, so we can see some nice WIPs! :smiley:


Hi Leonard!

That are realy bad news :cry::cry::cry: i love the quality and the style from all of these books.
I already owned 7 ballistc-books, and the M&S was a sure kandidate for nr. 8 whether i´m under the winners or not.

But its ok. Now we all have some excellent artworks for [b]EXPOSÉ 4 :):twisted::scream:[font=Verdana][size=2]Ha ha ha ha ha

Keep on rocking Dudes
This site is Awesome

[size=1]Cheers :beer: Alex


Thats bad news about the, CG Challenge book, It was a great opportunity to get published,
looks like EXPOSE 4 will be only option,

What about A christmas edition, best work of all the challenges, maybe we can influence the
powers that be at ballistic! it would be a good stocking filler at xmas its a better sales period.

What ya think!

maybe all members could submit a few dollars to the print process!



Yes… a really bad news… I’m just very exacting by the very beautiful quality of these edtions… really… and now… no Master & Servant Book :cry: :cry: :cry:

Only one thing remain us…

…to support Ballistic Publishing :bounce:

Cheers :beer: Lemog


I think that’s a great idea - an annual ‘Best of CG Challenge’ book would surely be more appealing than the stand alone ones - especially if it has a wealth of tutorials.

I respect the need to cancel production, although perhaps it’s a little unfair to do it at this stage - after the contest has taken place and entrants thought they had a chance to be in print (an added incentive to take part!). But if it’s not financially viable then what can you do?!..


arhh man, thats just not fair :cry: … But the end of year one sounds like a good idea.

so does this now mean that the challenge enrties don’t have to now be a spercific size ? as they will just be a web image ? as well as the making of artical’s.

Are the winners still going to have to do a making of thread as all the wips should already be thier on the individual threads ?

Will the standard format of these challenges now change ?

For an answer to these questions please tune in next challenge, same Bat time, same Bat channel.