Master and Servant Challenge FAQ/Answers/Questions (Update 24 March 2005)


You gotta take what you can get. Beggars can’t be choosers, especially when it comes to converting tripe into works of art.

If YOU have a better way of doing it, feel free to say so!


hedgehogs are good at it :wise:


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Ha squibbit, I have you in my clutches and you had to get your mother to save you…:twisted:

This is what you’ve reduced us to, mibus!



Only if you change yours to for play


Only if you change yours to for play Yesterday 08:08 PM

got me there , Peace above all :bounce:

um… speaking of play…everybody, we got Avatar World War going on at the Daily Sketch forum, do join us! :smiley:



Yeah, what he said!


How long does it normally take to judge?

It always changes, depending on the jury’s other workloads. I wouldn’t hold your breath, though I’d hope it was within the next two weeks. The jury component will likely take longer this time, since there is so many more images they have to go through.

Glenn: Done! Your profile picture will show up on the right side of your profile page. As for the next challenge, there isn’t a place to make suggestions I’m aware of. If you want to, you can go start a thread in General Discussions or something.

phoboalien: Yeah, I sent that out, it’s a survey thing. We want to know what software everyone used when they made their images.

Squibbit: Try StuffIt - Stone Edition. Remember to enable “ZIP” though, we don’t allow .sitx files :slight_smile:

BlacKeri: Point #8 from the Terms and Conditions is “Artists may to use the images created for personal promotion. e.g. submission for EXPOSE’ and other galleries”, so it sounds like you should be fine :slight_smile:

ar LutiK: It’s a big wand. No, really! sigh Actually, I stole the magic wand from the Gimp’s toolbox. Every time I use it there are all these ants that appear and start marching around my computer, it’s very bizarre.


Mibus has sent an e-mail which collects what software we were using. Did you receive it? If not, check your spam-folder since mine was there :slight_smile:

I am not sure if they release that info for public and even if they do it may not show what software a particular competitor used.

I think next time it would be good to have this info within a thread.

And if anyone is interested I used Cinema 4D v7 (old one, not money to update to a v9)



I did that with the GSO and with this challenge… thought it be appropriate :slight_smile:


After brief thinking I have to take my words a little bit back. I am afraid that threads including info of software used would then suffer about “application war syndrome”. I mean “gosh! she/he uses Max so I won’t comment, except bad things”.

I know there is a lot of people that respect works a little bit higher if they know what app was used and they happen to like that app, but ignore it if they hate that app.

There could be situations that someone will get more respect than he would normally receive if he uses Blender instead of Maya. That would be a good and a bad thing same time, since focus on his work would be “colorised”.



But I am sure everyone want’s to know which app was used at least after the competition is over.



Yeah I’ve been wondering if (and when) it’d be good to collect the software used. You can’t really collect it up-front, since the person might change packages… you don’t want to have to choose your software every time you submit a WIP either.

Maybe we’ll do after-challenge surveys more often :slight_smile:


You have a point there Pasi. That’s why I’ve put the info under my finished pic and not during the wips. And no one asked me what software I was using during the wip btw, proving the process is more important than the tool. And the software is just that … a tool. But I think a survey at the end is useful though, might be interesting to see what everybody is using (also to the sponsors :wink: )


pwallin I agree with u, maybe that such an information os software used could be both a good or bad thing. Sure some people could be influenced a lot in the judment of a work according to the software used… maybe also they don’t do that with malice. frequently its just a matter of feelings or something inner or philosophical-way about profession and work with software or the way each of us work with them… sorry if this things it’s not so clear…but I’m not english and also a little twisted when speaking about complex question such this in different languages by mine:) !
however, I’m according with u!
see u,
ps however I find useful providing softw. info in the main gallery or after a competition ending


I agree with u too, this is the meaning of cgtalk I think!


thanks again mibus, I think it’s a good thing to have survey such this,


Hey Mibus-- how often are you guys planning on having challenges? I think they’re a great way to promote sustained work and they’re good craic as well!!


Once again Thank you much. Appreciate the help!..


We have challenges 3-4 times a year :slight_smile: