Master and Servant 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Zubuyer Kaolin has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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At last it is finished…. Here is my final image. I call it THE PRINCESS AND HER BODYGUARD. I hope you enjoy it.

In a kingdom of a far away world is attacked by their neighboring kingdom. They sent is thousands of robot solders to attack and destroy the kingdom, and the royal family. In the verge of defeat, the king orders his trusted cyborg solder Egolad to protect his only daughter Princess Alida. He is told to take her to a safe land of their ancestors.
In their path to the safe land princess Alida discovers Egolad is not just a solder but he has a very good heart. Thus they became very close friends. On their way they encounter several attacks from the wondering enemy drones. Egolad uses every bit of his energy to fight them and save princess Alida. After a tiring battle Egolad and Alida stands near their enemy’s ruins. Alida’s servant has served her well and in return he wins her trust and friendship.

I am very fond of sci-fi movies and I also enjoy great stories. My idea for this piece comes from a mixtures of sci-fi, drama and fantasy. I like to keep a since of emotion in my works, a great picture or movie with no life doesn’t appeals to me. So here I tried to capture a slice of time where human emotion is visible. I’ll leave my audience to judge if I reached that goal or not.

I am very thankful to CGnetworks to arrange such a wonderful challenge. I really enjoyed working on this particular theme. It gave me a lot to push myself a bit ahead and also I’m happy that I have been able to finish it… I’ve always been very weak in the field of texturing, I had a lot of practice from working on this project, and I think I have improved a lot. I would definitely be interested in joining more future challenges cause its so great here and peoples here are just so talented and helpful. Its been a heck of a time.

The things that you see in this image is there because of reason. Starting from the background, it is blurred cause its now an unsafe zone, and is left behind. The sparks of fire in the air is because something in the right was shot and it basted into flames, but the flame are invisible. The cape Egolad is wearing is for 2 reasons, it symbolizes the royal army and also symbolizes that a protecting blanket is around Alida. The bracelet that Alida wears is to symbolize she is a Princess. The simple outfit she wares is because it’s a time of crisis not a time to ware tangling outfit. Egolad wears a baggy pant, cause its cool. The gun that he holds is a shock blaster. It generates a shockwave that tears out all the internal parts of the victim. Well that’s about it.

Hardware Uses: 2.8ghz P4, 1gb 400mhz Ram, 128mb ATI Radeon 9200, Genius Tablet, 17” monitor, Brain, Hands, Eyes.
Software Used: 3DSMax7, Photoshop
Renderer: Default Scanline Renderer

TMNI VISION, Venum, A I R, [Q], alex.h., ace4016 ,arturro , authentic, DimitrisLiatsos, DaddyMack ,monsitj ,Virtuoso ,Lemog, the1st_angel ,(o)ne ,rattlesnake, 3dRaven, miketche, Climax, markovicd., scootermaya, ||) |V| |^|, SuperXCM, mmoir, Tremoside, e-moo, jddog, Neeno, Versiden, gpepper, Gianluca, mmbenya, Maxter, vampeta, Wandddo, rynomyte, `mb, safe05, mmaxx, jdsb, goktug, xric7 …… and others who gave their thought and showed support, and also ofcourse my little brother Zunayed who was always there to push me.
Thank you all so much couldnt have done it without you guys


hey guys, it starts again… wish you all best of luck… lets have some fun with this one… cant wait to c what u ppl r gonna cook for this challange… :bounce:


Hey man im happy to see youre in…good luck !!


Good luck.


Nice to see you back in Z…Looking forward to what you got cooking…Best to you,bring it on…:arteest:


i´m just here to wish the best luck on your entry man!!
c ya!!


HI there! Waiting for your first ideas and sketches:twisted:

good luck!


Hey guys sorry for the late submission. But, here is my first concept. And here is the story:

The year is 2521. Evil beings from another planet threaten the survival of the human kind. To fight back humans got tangled into an epic war. Almost everything is lost in it. Few who survive must be protected. One of them was princess Alida. The king, in the verge of defect, assigned one of his most powerful cyborg guards to protect his only daughter. The cyborg called Egolad took princess Alida to a place where she can hind and be safe. In the way they became very close friends. On their journey they gets attacked by the enemy, Egolad gives his every last ounce of energy to save Alida. After the battle they stand there on the pieces of their enemy.

Tell me what you think about this…


Here is another quick repose for the characters. I think this one shows more emotion then the previous one.


I love your sketches ! That’s cool ! very strong expression and atmosphere comes out of the picture !:thumbsup:
I can’t wait to see your modeling !:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Yeah… as say Scooter… very strong idea, that will be a marvellous stong picture… best wishes for the challenge :thumbsup:


Finally you have a concept. Hope to see the modeling soon.


nice one, maby he could hold his left hand on the kids shoulder and loking down on her, like saying, your safe whith me kid. see you. :thumbsup:


heheh mate nice idea and gl with competition! ::smiley:


scootermaya: thanx man. Yeah that will start soon, i guess:D

Lemog:thank you my friend, hope i can express that in 3d

ace4016: yeah, i do, woow cool…lol :stuck_out_tongue: haha well i’m waiting for modeling too but firrst gotta design my 2 characters and the scene eliments first.

alex.h.: gr8 idea man… i thought of that right after i finished drawing the skatch. Well i was thinking of making the girl grab the left arm of the cyborg. Its more like thanking the cyborg for saving her. but ur idea is gr8 too… thanx again

markovicd.: hey wassup mark, arnt u joining the challange this time?.. anyways nice to hear from u mate…

my friends r over here so i’m gonna hang out with them, and later today i’m gonna post soem new design concepts for the whole scene… c ya around… :thumbsup:


Great start - this can make a very strong scene, good luck with it!


the second sketch /position/ looks really more interesting…

good luck overcontrats !!!



Here is another quick skatch for the design concept of Egolad the cyborg’s(servant) head. Its just an outline to the main model, so the final piece will have way more detail then this… tell me what you think


Hey Overcontrast,
Nice to see you here again, nice sketches and idea. For some reason I like the walking concept more, its like he is leading her and has more authority. The second one is nice too though. Good luck.


strong concept, and the 1st sketch is very very expressive. as he seems to be a guardian cyborg, keep in your mind, every cybernetic part of him should make sense and fulfill a function. looking forward to this too :slight_smile: best luck and wish you loadsa fu:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: n!