Master and Servant 3D Entry: Wim Houben


Wim Houben has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Lighting: Lucifer

So this is Lucifer. The hair is made in photoshop. I still have to make that in Lw.


Hello People

This is my first time that I join the challenge. I\'m still a student so I hope I can finish this hallenge till the end with a nice result. I wish everybody good luck!! En Yvan… niet te lang wachten hé. greets


changing the pants


nice concepts so far dude… good luck with your image.


This is the beginning of the devils head.


good luck, tog niet de enige nederlander:bounce:


Good luck, Wimpie! Geef er een lap op.:thumbsup:


hey there man… great start on the model reminds me abit of tichondrias i think his name is from warcraft 3 … awesome dude keep going this looks really good


Thanks Neeno. But this is still the ruw model I wonna add the most of the details in Z brush. Grts


Ah, very good modelling I think.:thumbsup: Dutchie?


So this is the body of the Devil. Its still Basic… still a lots of work.


Really nice style you have, and looking to be a great model!! :smiley: Great work dude!! :thumbsup:


Thanks Raven, I saw your Concept drawing and it looks really nice. Good luck to you also.


great model !! ure doing this very fast !! dont stop !
c ya !


So this is the basic of the devil. Like you see I make some changes. I did’nt liked the legs. So Now it has some real devil paws.


hey there wim… dude very fast yet great progress… good idea to have changed the legs, looked too large for that particular model… although i’d still go with hoofs just scale them down…maybe in teh last row of edges extrue them in a little to give the detail of hoofs… its too flat at then moment. other then that great basic model man.


Here is the Z version. Its 5:39 in the mornig and I’ve worked all night long. My mom calls me a Maniac… I dont now why??


Oh yeah man nice model. I like the muscles you got there, although the legs muscles look more like trousers to me, because the muscles look more like cloth folds. Nevertheless great work!

:buttrock: :thumbsup:


Hey Keetmun thanks very much for your tips, I want to add some fur on the legs so thats why I diddn’t spend too much detail on it. Greets


This is a first render of the devil. Like you can see,there is a strange surface of some parts of the body? And I dont now how it comes there. Does somebody nows a answer?