Master and Servant 3D Entry: Volodymyr Dergachov


Volodymyr Dergachov has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: ok, finaly final!

Ehhhh, and this is definetely FINAL! Now will go to sleep…
Thanks again for your attention, guys!


OK. I’m finaly in.
Breefly my idea. In this story we’ve got a stress and I’d say a tragedy of one who serves against his will - the hourse. Here I propose a problem without solution:a Master overcomed with hate and excitement demands to turn back to defeat the dragon which is
too far from reality…
There is no escape and no choise for the Servant whose being protest against deadly decision.
Forse and Submission, Fear and Madness…


Well, actually these are only some versions of proportions which define general personality.
Still working on it.
And logo - going to change it I guess :slight_smile:


O.K. I think to finaly have made my decision about Master’s appearence (only head for now).
He should be feeling himself above everyone - he is too over-confidently.
Our oppinion doesn’t interess him.
And I guess e will not be fat as in previous version :slight_smile:


hey very interesting drawings u got threre… welcome to the challange man… wish u all the best :thumbsup:


Thanks, overcontrast.
I’ll steel need lots of time for drawing before passing to modelling. But it’s always worth it, isn’t it :slight_smile:


Finaly happy with Master’s concept. As his arms and face are main “acting parts” I decided to make
them more expressive. On his left hand also will be a kind of shield (rough concept on right)
C&C are more than welcome


And here is my dragon. Long and slim -“fast and furious” :slight_smile:


Hey deryk :slight_smile: Nice angular style you got. Curious how its going to look in 3d. If you can get the expression right on the horse and the knight this is going to be great.

Keep going deryk

~ R



it´s interesting what you have here… I´ll keep an eye on you hehheh
the master looks better as it is now and I think the framing is really interesting and has got a lot of depth.
good job


Those sketches are so cool and visualize your idea very well. I like the dragon a lot, very stylized, really great! :thumbsup:


very nice concepts dude… keep it up… les see how your horse comes along maybe i can learn a trick or 2!! :thumbsup: good luck


Hey Deryk, hows it going mate? updates! give me updates!

~ Rrrr


thanks a lot guys!!
In a couple of minutes I’ll insert a horse concept (hope the final one:)
Next wanna pass to REAL modelling!! Can’t wait.
Environments will arrive later on. Actually I dreamed of creating color drawing but time passes and…I’ll see. Guess for lightning!
Reinier, I think angular style of a dragon can be maintained with some low-poly. I gonna see. Anyway he is far in the bg…

always happy for C&Cs


ok Reinier, here finaly an update. Hope in this night I’ll give a life to another one.
So, here I’ve got magior proportions and also props of a Master sitting. Horse is stylised (as all characters:), to underline the most important parts for my composition, so Neeno maybe this don’t fits you as a full reference but anyway I tried to maintain main muscles. Sorry gyus for not good quality - this time was digital camera instead of scanner.


Horse looks neat :). Style fits perfectly with the rest. Next up: modeling!

~ RR


And here we go: modelling finaly started! Half of a head mirrored. Well, there are still much to ellaborate (especialy seams) but I don’t want to “stitch” all together now, couse later on I gonna fix some stuf perhaps…


Slowy proceeding with horse.
Need to find some illustr. of teeth - don’t remeber them good. Well, for now nothing more to say :slight_smile:


I really like your style. The closeup of the master is very nice. I see your a 3dsMax guy too!

The horse is lookin good .


Oh yes - 3d max forever!
Thanks for looking in, feelinFroggy.
Well, the closeup, I’m not sure that this is final version, but close to it. Anyway I glad it is already looks good:D