Master and Servant 3D Entry: vincent guibert


I love that image keep it up.


This is excellent! I love the story that is taking place here, and how everything can be shown in one snapshot. It’s cute By the way thanks for replying on my King Kong painting! I’m happy to see that people like it.



don’t know what to comments! great work ,
some point i have to suggestion for make you more fun in tweak process is , maybe change girl hair to orange or something like the top orange element , I think it’s work ( in my opinion) add opposite color to image because now overall color look monochrome, maybe it’s work or dont’ work , but it’s easy just Hue and saturate !! have fun!


Great style, really i just love everything


I’m totally okay with the Monsit idea… orange hairs is very good… I do the test in Photoshop… and I thing that enriched the vision of the scene… and etrangely… that give more dynamic to your scene… you must test that if you want…

In any case, your picture come really good mate… you’re near of the end… GO :thumbsup:


Monsitj Lemog : thanks. I’ll try the orange hair but I’m a bit hopeless. I’ll have made so many hue and then I’ll arrive to this picture. But one more hue will not kill me and maybe increase the picture. :slight_smile:

Freakjc Poju franksmithy : thx.

Wildwire : I have already change the color of the table to be more different that character’s one. But as you told about it, I think my change was too shy. I will make it more. Thx for comment.


great work, very nice style. This would make a great animation too!


2 picture for a the last modifies. There are 2 things different in these picture. One is of course the color of the light at the right. The 2nd is the position of ice cream sphere…
For the ice cream I have no preference for the moment.
For the bg light I hesitate. The redest one is more colored but the less let the spectator more concentrate on the character which are the aim of this challenge. Give me your opinion.


hehe you are going into details now, it’s really hard to decide which one of those versions are the “best”. I tried, and first I thought the new “orange” version was better… then after a while I started to prefer the old one again… same thing with the icecream, first i prefered the top one. then after a while second…
right now, I would say blue version with the icecream from the top(orange) image. (but I might change my mind soon :slight_smile: )


I agree with fellah, icecream from top and light from bottom…Yep i checked again and those are my choises


:bounce: I love character desigh and style:bounce: good luck.:thumbsup:


Vincent I would choose number one. The light is more warm and I can feel that the girl really likes her servant. Also the icream look more k to me. I just love the whole picture. Good luck!


great images!:thumbsup:

i like upper image.
it’s natural. look like light bulb color.
it has not only a change of brightness but also change of color.
and i pay attention to man and girl.

good luck!:applause:


Maybe my last image post. I think I’ve finished it. Anyway Comment are always welcome and maybe I’ll change something. I thank everybody in the challenge and have been really happy to participate at what was my first challenge.
Good luck for everybody. I’ll stay in the challenge but just as a viewer.

On next posts I tell some words on the story and some on the artistic intentions.


some words on story :

First I forgot the title. It’s no good in the challenge page. So it’s : “My best friend is 50 years older than me”

I wanted to make a master and servant where the fact to serve someone can be something happy. I also wanteed to show that the master can made some effort for his servant, maybe much that him.

So finally I decided the story about a little girl living in a huge old house with servant… This little girl has a servant who specially take care of her and her “reclamations”.

This servant was a very traditionnal guy with many principles of life. Normally he’s a little severe. But he has been touch by this little girl so cute and serve her is something he loves so he can be more decontracted in some moments. For him, serve this girl is the best job of his life, it’s a happy thing to serve.

For the girl I just wanted to show the naive aspect of the fact to be the master; She’s the master, she had all she wants but does she know the servant is paied for it ?? For her, he’s just a friend, her best friend. Someone to play with.

Action : When the servant shout there were ice cream for her, the little girl (our master) was so happy to have such a friend that she run as fast as she can, disturbing all the house, to jump and make him the biggest calin she can. The servant was surprised, emu and amused by this action. Never mind for the mess…


Artistic process :

Not so much things to tell. My aim was to tell a story in a picture. For design I’ve made many test because I’m not used to do this. 1st I’ve doen a very big servant but it was too similar of a old design I’ve done; I choose amore severe one and to make him characteristic I use many hard edges.
The girl had only thing to be: she had to be cute. I made her big (closed) eye and try some original hair; I’lm pretty happy of my character.
The Bg had to remember an old european house. He’s not bad but had a lack of style to me. Never mind…

Just some textures it’s not my style. For the colors I didn’t really choose it, it comes to me :eek:. For the rest many test and many help. Thanks you :thumbsup:

And time was to finish. And wait for the next challenge.


fun and cute concept and your image present your concept perfectly!
nice style! and good luck to you ! congratulation!


I like your image very much!

Ralf Stumpf


oh! good work. really i like it. congratulation


Final image looks excellent. Very cute characters:) Good luck mate.