Master and Servant 3D Entry: vincent guibert


Hello everybody. I started rendering big picture but withmy huge resolution and my very little computer, it’s so long. So I must be efficient.

handlebar cipher sgtpepper : thnaks to you. Glad to see you appreciate my work

anders : as you can see I try a different expression. tell me what your prefer. For the hand I’ll see what I’ll do. Don’t know for the moment. Maybe is it more a problem of rendering (too white).
For the portrait I agree with you even it is not very strong problem. But as I said there willbe a general glow (not too strong) on the bg, I think it would be ok. I’ll post it soon I think.
For the corridor and more history, I already thought about that. I think it will be cool but it doesn’t feet the matter of master and servant. Just to stay in the subject I’ll keep it in this way. But I think that I will do a biggest picture with corridor for personnal purpose. And if I’ll do I will os in on Cg talk.
Thanks for all these intersting comments :thumbsup:

overcontrast : thanx. I agree it can be better on lighting and emotion. But I didn’t find what to add or adjust while I stay in my simple style. Do you have any suggestions ??


I like your style and from layout you post , I think the servant face is appear a little in composition , you have to put more exageration to his face to see clearly from distance , I think the first one is clear but I think you can add more to it!

the girl is very cute! I like it a lot !


heya Vincent, I’m glad you appreciated my suggestions and are trying to apply them to your image!

I did a little “overpaint” on your images to show more of what I meant by the face-expression and the hand silhouette.
Click for image
(a bad thing with the expression I did is that I had to remove the mustache because it interfeared to much with the mouth shape)

if you still want to use one of the 3 expressions you showed, I prefer the 2nd. even though I think it will be hard to “read” that smile in a small image.


as i said before,i LOVE ur style,it must turn out well,keep it up:thumbsup:


Ok new ones. I modify the eyebrow. I was thinking about it when fellah told me. And then I modify the mouth as far as I can as fellah and monsitj suggest me (thx). The modeling is hard to move

Anders : thanks for reply. For the mouth I can’t delete tjhe mustache. He would look to young but I tried to make something better anyway. And I will change the hands


I like your style, very original:thumbsup:


good, it looks much better now. I personaly prefer no1 and no3. (and you succedded to keep the mustache to which is great!)
I’m looking forward to see your next update Vincent, work work :wip:


Yeah …nice detail…i’m agree with with fellah the 1 look better:bounce:


I agree with fellah, the best for me 1 and 3 too. Specially the mouth of the 3

Godd job, so cool


Oo, impressive linework, or not linework as it’s 3D but the outlines on the waiter for instance… I could believe they’re as they would be if you drew the chap, and not just some surfaces between the points that were determined from X, Y and Z angles, which often seems to be the case with 3D things (says the nearly completely 2D girl).

I don’t remember who it was who said something about the camera angle, something like it could be more dramatic. Anyways, I disagree. I’d like to flatter myself in believing that I think I understand where you’re going with the present composition, and that I quite like it. Feels very appropriate. The image is not a frame from an animation but, well, an illustration. It’s a still life depicting movement.


Ok. It appears better now. Some fx would be in 2d but it’s nearly finish. Comments are always welcome as the time is quite short now.


And some answers and comments.

Kargokultti : Do I derserve so sweet words ?? Don’t know but I appreciate you understand my way to do this picture. And good luck for yours.:slight_smile:

ilusiondigital : and finally…I choose the 1st. It was the better with good visualisation. Thx for comment.

melkao : to the mouth choice, you win:scream:. Congratulations.

Madlight, Maxter : thanks, really…

Anders : Hey I’m working. Don’t stress me :slight_smile: but tired this evening. A reason why I’m trying to do bad humor. Seriously, thanks cause you do wht I expect in this forum, encourage and constructiv critic (is it english language??). Well for the hand, what you have drawned me was good but once in the picture we didn’t understand again that he was stabilized himself. But it gaves me strength to modify it to do a better pose.

Going to sleep now. Good night everybody. Sorry for this post message.:wavey:


it’s coming along nicely… reading over the suggestions I think it helped alot and added so much more! awesome work Vincent!


heheh I will try not stress you to much now, I’ll be in your situation very soon with my own entry and I don’t want to get heavy pressure then :wink:
the last expression works great on the pic, it added alot more and it’s quite easy to read it to. for the hand, nevermind. it’s a detail, the way you did it now works to.
(hehe and yes, the words you wrote are considered to be english words… atleast I understood them :slight_smile: )


jajaja thanks man…but the congratulations are for you…because you are doing a great work:thumbsup:


this is so cute!
love the style!it’s so creative!

just one question though. like i can tell the “servant” from the typical dressing of the man. but does the master’s status indicate clearly?

anyway, this is one of the few works i really love! keep it up and good luck!


ehehe always so funny mate…I like it!:thumbsup:


Ok. I add some ice cream fx, put the characters in the bg, modfiy and ajust color… I’ve got something to test but it has 10% chance to success, so well it’s finished…depending of your comments, of course !


And some answer

Alex : thanks to be here so often. and your MS is really original.:slight_smile:

Jack : thx. of course, we understand he’s the servant with his suit (and bg…). But for him it’s not a problem to serve this little girl. She’s so cute. I wanted to show a more positive view of master and srvant relation. I’ll explain most about these characters when I’ll post the final image (so very soon:scream:)

melkao : thx. :beer:

anders : the pression is on you now…

martin : Thx. Just something, waiting for render, but if it is so good as the rest, I hope you’ll be in the winners. Happy to see simple idea and so much emotion.:slight_smile:


first of all, great characters!
If you want to change something you can to leave out the
blue table. He has the same color as the charactergroup.
And you can place the Master&Servant more to the center.
The flowers can fall on the chair.


Ralf Stumpf