Master and Servant 3D Entry: vincent guibert


I was wondering if the camera angle could be a bit more dramatic.

What if you placed the camera so it looked down the corridor, with a wide lens.
The characters would big in the foreground and the girl’s path would be visible in the background.

IMO at the moment everything is a bit small in the frame.


Great idea, but you definitely should work more on scene composition and light. Try to add some accent to the main characters, and make secondary plan less important.


Just a minor update to show artlutik what the picture would look like with the chair rotated on the other way. Tell me which one you prefer. For the moment I keep my first idea but it has to be discuss.


wwow! nice work! simple but effective! I really like your style , weldone charactor and move ment too! :thumbsup:


authentic, now it’s fascinating! Honestly speaking I just love the style which I describe as “sharp-edjed helixes” :slight_smile: I like it’s kind idea (not a domination by force etc.). The only thing I find a bit strange are hands of servant - to me they remind an isect… But it not so important now - this is your personl way you see it and in general - just great work!
It is good that people are interested in cartoons!
Yes, voting guaranteed here!


I think I have finished the characters. Here they are. My last interogation is to keep or not the black area outside the eyes of the servant. Waiting for your comments.

I have changed many things : bend shoes, ameliorate dress, add some textures on plate, add a spoon…I also change his expression to a more comprehensive one. He is more amused than surprise. Hope you’ll like it.


Vincent, thanx, I like it with the chair in the other way really continues the movement you got in your scene. You have to do an animation with that style it’s so cool.


Great image mate!! good job:thumbsup:


to me,black area outside eye is interesting visually.
and also kinda shows his overtime working.
if i were you,i will keep it


Hilarious characters and great compostion. I wish you good luck:)


Hi authentic,
just dropped by after I saw your comment on my entry… I see, you’re taking part with a 3D-entry – that’s really out of my expertise, so no comments from me here. Just good luck…

:slight_smile: <- Lutz



Nice work,i like charactor and move ment too!



I work and I think it’s nearly finihed. If I had time I’ll try another color scheme but I must be careful about rendering time. As my picture is wide the final resolution will be gorgeous !

chinbig2000 kerembeyit alex monsitj : thanks everybody and good luck for your own master and servant.

lutz : don’t be shy :rolleyes:. Even if you don’t know anything in 3d, you can say you like or not a picture and what it makes you feel. Every opinion is good to hear.

wuxi_dakar : for the moment my mind is to keep these black area. But I change my mind so fastly :smiley:

arlutik : glad to see you like the chair even if I think I’ll put it at his original position for the final picture… Animation : I 'd like to do it. Moreover I think these character (especially servant) are really interssant to animate. But bones, skinning and animation, so much work. I’m not sure I’ll have the time. I got a full time job for the moment and other 3d project to make. But it’s in my mind

Deryk : 1st, thx for your words. I have modifiy a little the hand. Do you think it’s better ??

Pkonst : I completely agree with you. I have made some changes to the lighting and background (move the light a little) and I think It’s better. I got some work again but you will see it ithe next time I post a picture.

ken T : Well I already tried to move the cam (you can see it on another picture) and it was too…well, in fact it losts a lot of style I thought. The wide angle is bad because you lose character but it’s original and allows me to tell a whole story. It was long but I made this choice.

see you.


This is getting better and better, i like your progress, this is reqlly dynamic and funny subject :thumbsup:

Keep sending, it’s great !


I show you the last rendering before render with the final resolution (so big with my wide camera). So if you got comments, it’s time.
I have made some changements, moving a little the light to more focus on character. There will be a little glow in post effects on the bg and color correction. Wil be also made some ice cream “slurp”.

And I’ll try this week end to make another color picture. If it works fast I’ll go through, On the contrary, I’ll keep this one.


Great style and movement, your character design is supurb. Bravo


some nit-pick-suggestions.
his left hand could be more expressive, more irregularity in his fingers.

exaggerating the servants expression could be nice to, I would like to see him with a big smile.

I also had this idea, which is alot of work, but i’ll say it anyways, maybe it will give some ideas.
you could have made a corridor on the left of the picture, running into the picture(Z-axis)
like if the girl ran from that corridor, made a turn and…
it could have added a little depth and a little more “history” to the picture. but at the same time, a flat image like this has its beauty to.

I think the “glow” in the portrait takes to much attention and feels a little “off” from the style of the rest of the BG.

just some ideas, nitpicks. it’s already a nice pic as I’ve stated may times before. u’ve got style…


you have capruted a great scene with simplicity and style. I really love the idea dn i think the style is uniquely yours… very original piece of work… i would love to cee more dinamic lighting and mood in the scene, it looks a bit flat and lifeless at the moment… thats just my 2 cents tho… keep it up mate :thumbsup:


shiet man , is this 3D ? you realy have ur own style going here, and I had to look twice didn´t see it was a 3d job, nice work keep on going.

Best wishes



As Anders suggest me, I tried to make a different expression for the servant. Here are 3 of these. Tell me which one you think is the best. The teeth has been made very fastly in photoshop. If I choose it it will me better (even if it can be made in photoshop).
Thnaks for your comments