Master and Servant 3D Entry: vincent guibert


Nice work Vincent…nice style…I like it:thumbsup:


I’m quite happy with the background. I will now add some details on the characters (expression on srvant, hair of the girl…). I will try I thing also to change things on lighting maybe to focus more on the characters. And I 'll also try a completely different color scheme if I got the time.

Alex [color=White]thanks to come back often and comment my work :slight_smile:

arlutik happy birthday :bounce: and for the chair I don’t know if I’ll move it cause it explain how the girl climb the chair to be on the desk and then… Anyway thanks for your kind words.

[color=LemonChiffon]Ken [color=White]I 'm very embarassed with layout and feelings. The wide picture is a big success but I think the near picture is more sweet. On the other way the long shows what efforts have done the master just to be sweet with her servant. Maybe with a better lighting

[/color][/color]cipher Merci. Happy to see someone new appreciating my work.[/color]


Yeah great background, i like the colours


I have work a lot to try different lighting. This one I show you is one f the more “accurate” but it is definitively not adapted to mys tyle of chartacters (even with the light coming from the other side). So I think I 'll keepe a a simple rendering style with hard shadow like you seen before… Anyway if you got some comment concerning lighting on this picture or the old one cause it wll be the one I will use, It will be really helpful.


Nice ligth setup mate I like the atmophere…maybe you can just try varius color mix…but just my opinion…very well done:thumbsup:


the latest update on the lighting is excellent… i must stop u from ussing the light old lighting… if ur worried about the lighting not suiting ur characters then change it… but u cant go back to the start now.

what u could do is change it to a night scene and only have a lil bit of light comming from the left of the image… instead have ur lamp and wall light doing most of the lighting… this will make the image look even better than ur most recent update… even if u dont like is u cant go back to the origional set-up it just doesnt do ur skills justice!

great work:thumbsup:


This is looking absolutely beautiful…

I really like the new lighting, but it’s hard to say how it will impact the scene without the characters in place. If it’s any help, even without the girl & man it still looks wonderful!

I truly can’t wait to see the words ‘Final Image’ on your challenge page.



I like a lot this new lighting too… I think that give a more rich light to the scene… but as AJ, I’m waiting the characters… :thumbsup:


really nice environment…keep it up


hm… looks ok, but you losed alot of style with the last lighting setup… it’s a bit hard to tell without the characters. but, I prefered the simple 2d/3d style of the first image I saw.


YES, yes, stylize, stylize it more ! Its what´s missing in this challange.


Very hard to choose the background style… This last one is I think very intersting but not really in my style. At 1st try the characters don’t fit the bg. Do I work them enough to see I dont’ know. MAybe have I be influenced by the fact I post some work for expose 3 and I have not be choose. So I think only my simple style has no chance to win anything. But in asense it’s my style and it’s what I like. So I won’t change my mind.
So well the solution is for the moment to try and listen different advice but keeping what I am.

Anyway, thanks to follow me :thumbsup:

navylete Style is my 1st interest. I like stylish works. But I don’t know if I’ll have enough inspiration…[b]

anders [/b]I think it is symptomatic to see that the personn who clearly prefer the 1st version is the one who has the style the nearer from mine… Now, I think you’re right. As you can see in my post, it is also my 1st opinion. But there is also interssant thing in this lighting. Do I have to keep some and to mix them? Can I ameliorate the 1st version ? So much question…:eek: Help ![b]

manikantkujur [/b][color=White]Thks. :slight_smile:
Thx. I have to work to show you a nearly final picture but I hope it comes in a short time.

The characters actually doesn’t fit the bg (even he is ok). But do I work it enough…[b]

tilite : [/b]Thx for your comments. I have thought about a night scene but for me it doesn’t fit the girl and the ice cream. Moreover I wanted to try a more day or non determined scene cause I often do night works that are esaier I think.[b]

alex :[/b] [color=White]Yes I want to try other colors too. But will I have the time…[/color]

ilusiondigital [color=White] : thx. Do you like the new test or do you prefer the old one.[/color]


hmm … I’m leaning towards the first lighting. I think it fits the semi cartoonish style you got in the characters. Also suits the concept of trajectory better, but I might be wrong :shrug:
Couldn’t you place the characters in both for comparition?

… and the scene is just beautiful!


I finally decide to go back to a simple rendering. I don’t think the more realistic rendering was serving the picture. The attention was on the left where there is…nothing and the characters were lost. So it was interesting, not bad alone, it allos me to learn new things but I had to forget it. If you can do the same :slight_smile:

Here you can see the picture with characters. It’s a come back to master and servant. I think I had to keepin my mind the aim of the challenge. The power of this picture is, according to me, his simplicity and the concept. So let’s make simple things, even it is less spectacular or impressive.

Now I have some work on characters and some details to adjust or add.

Then I surely try another color scheme.

Comments are of course aprreciated even if some are despite of my rendering choice :). Never mind.


Vincent, very nice composition love your style.

The chair still bugs me and I know it’s to justify how she clmbed on the desk, did you try with the chair on its four legs or even going the other way I think it would show even more that she climbed on the desk and excited like she was the chair fell when she reached the desk but the other way, please try it to see what it does to your compo I think the movement would be even nicer, I know I insist on this but I love your compo so much it’s so “bande dessine” but that chair breaks it for me.

By the way your choice of rendering is great it keeps the cartoon style.


I think the realistic lighting test you posted looked stunning… but as you said the focus is lost. It’s really interesting seeing that development process, trial and error and thought process going into image composition. Your rendering style decision still looks great!

how about adding maybe some paper that just flew off the desk from the movement, and the wind is jsut carrying it.


very nice. it looks like a monster family like the adams… very dark and nice…i like it:eek:


Nice scene mate nicw vell done:thumbsup:


Very good work! I like your style…it’s great:)
Come back see your final image!! keep it up! Bonne chance:thumbsup:


Alexandre Alex Melkao and Gunilla : thx for your sweet words. give me motivation

Martin : The paper is a godd idea to give movement but I don’t really know where place them to fit the bg. On the big there is already a “cloth”, on the table the flower. Is it really in the good time with the picture. I don’t know yet.

Artlutik : you insist so much that I think it would be stupid not to try. I think I’ll post soon a picture with the chair on the other way, just to see :smiley: and maybe I will be convicted. Thanks to help the picture grow.