Master and Servant 3D Entry: vincent guibert


woooooh yes! it dosen’t happen that often but once in a while I see something that really makes me go “wooooooh yes” and I get all happy, just to see something fresh.

such a nice style. even if it needs a few more things please don’t add to much… try to keep it simple. for me a simple foreground layer, maybe a painting on the wall… and a few things that depicts the path she has taken is enough.

and the lamp to the right, somehow I see it very long and stretched on the Y-Axis. I think it will add to the style to make the lamptop very tall.

my new favourite entry… :thumbsup:


Awesome image. It really works.


Well. The wider picture is such a success that I’m obliged to keep it for the challenge :smiley:

Thanks everybody for comment. Yes, tilitle, I think i’ll add some footprints (on the chair and maybe one on the wall. I’m actually working on the cloth on the bench. Some details will be added but I’ll try to stay simple. And if I go too far in details, I hope you’ll stay stop to me (especially fellah :scream: ).

Anyway I’ve got something really interesting to do with a painting on the wall. But it’s a big work for me cause must do it in 2d. I tell (and show) you more soon. I hope.

Your comments really give me strength and your comments help me to ameliorate the picture. So let’s continue.


been a fan on your work for a while and this drips with your style as well

great characters, execution and concept

i like the last long composition as well … it tells more of a story, takes you through the journey of her trials in order to get there … finding nemo, apocalypse now, A.I. (??) where the story is the journey

great stuff :thumbsup:


Here’s who will be in the portrait. It’s an old member of the girl family who is angry because he has been disturb by the girl’s jumps. I have made a very fast model, he’s not the main character of the picture.


New wide comp is really cool - this is indeed a lovely entry, very unique and charming :thumbsup:


Fabulous, lovely


Hi Vincent, Great start on the portrait:thumbsup: This will be a classic image me thinks…


Very funny portrait… maybe he need to be a little bit more expressive, more chocked by the scene ?


Well I have see just now your thread…I must say very interessing peace…I read the story and is very interessing…I like your style alot!!:thumbsup:

have good job mate.



J’aime bcp le format de l’image ainsi que sa composition, mais à mon avis il faut se méfier à ne pas trop perdre de vue tes personnages en rajoutant trop d’élèments aux alentours, on risquerait de s’éloigner du sujet.
Sinon design tres sympa j’attends la suite :slight_smile:


I put the portrait in the scene and make some improvements in texture.
I had so many details to think and then looking for amelioration in lighting and rendering. But it’s going ok.


looks great. you said you wanted the guy in the portrait to look angry. he’s not looking that angry to me. to me he is just “looking” at the girl. I suggest exagerrating the expression. brows angeled more down might be enough. u could do it in photoshop if it’s to hard to tweak the model.
maybe you could move him “up” in the portrait to, it’s alot of empty space above him. and his stick is not showing very much. don’t even know if it adds anything(the stick in the portrait I mean) so maybe remove it, or make it more visible.
but ofcourse, do as you want, just suggestions to a great piece…


Like the progress. I agree that the portrait doesn’t look very mean, but I love the character. In addition to fellah’s suggestions, you can try giving him a little more of a brow. (bring it out towards camera) usually, I just angle the eyelids to exagerate an expression, might be worth playing with. Really fun concept. Keep rolling. :thumbsup:


At this time I think I will finish the picture for the date; it is already a success to achieve it in time. There are again many details to change, textures to make or improve. I think that some changes will only be seen by…me but it doesn’t matter. Moreover I have some research to do on lighting and colors (Even if I feel quite satisfied with the picture now)[b]

safe05 fellah Lemog[/b] : thnaks for comments. I think, like you suggest, that I will make him more angry with the eyebrow. Anders, it will not be hard to change them because they are already done in photoshop (it’s the only element done in 2d). I will try to put him more up in the portrait but not sure of the result.

monks alex DaddyMack kuzgunoglu Gunilla pigwater dmonk : thanks to all for your comments


Ahahah nice update very funny, I like this style mate!! keep going,nice job!!:thumbsup:



J’avais pas fais attention a cette entré…

You got a nice idea, very funny and expressiv characters, i like your visual style :thumbsup:

I’m looking forward buddy !


Very strange…but cool style.

Nice emotions on the characters. I prefered the comp with the waiter looking at the girl, it has a kind of sweetness to it.


The last version of the bg. tell me what you think…


Really great , you have a very nice style.

Your background is awesome the movement is wonderful until you get to the chair, it kinds break the movement of your scene, all the objects are leaning on one side so you tend to follow them until you get to the chair whom’s leaning on the other side and breaks the rythm, sorry i repeat myself alote I must be getting (oh yeah my birthday today, depending on where you are on the planet)

Otherwise I love your work it’s really nice.