Master and Servant 3D Entry: vincent guibert


Thats looking pretty fiunny,:scream:


I found my last bg was not old style enough. Here’s the new one. I’ll try several things but if you got simple idea to improve it, go on.


hello Vincent,

first, maybe you can try to switch on the wall light
then adding some mirror of tiny canvas or portrait
As the girl seems very enthusiastic when the servant brings her ice cream,
maybe there could lots of dirts on the wall ? Because of her frequent jumps ?

Anyway always nice lighting and character design :thumbsup:



Hello, Vincent.
Looks great! I like the stylized characters and colors you using.
Thank you for the coment.


Very nice posing, style, and overall comp. The background fits the action well. Not too complex where it takes away from the characters. Depending on where you place the characters, you may need some other wall hangings to break up the blank wall. (like spacesnail’s suggestions) Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


A little reply to thanks everybody et to say what to come next.

safe05 and spacenail : The wall seems blank for the moment. I now have 2 possibility. My first choice was to focus only on characters and to let the bg …in the bg with a possible defocus. Now a new idea has been bringing to me which would justify a more complex bg. It would be some history of the jump. I explain, I may model a table shaling from where the girl jumped. And so… Of course it’s more work. So it’s a question of time. Concerning canvas, mirror, I tried some but it was difficult to place them and not disturb the reading of the characters. But there’ll be new attempt. Oh spacenail your idea of dirt can also be a good idea. Thanks

Teebo : thanks. I know your advice are often good ones. These one are like this. It’s always useful to have some crits.

I hope I’ll put a new version in some hours. So see you later…


I need your help to choose my point of view. Some people told me the picture was too flat. So I tried a new point of view. tell me what you prefer. 2 things anyway : there can be a blur on the background. And, depending on time, the picture can become wider on the left with bg elements that the grirls used to jup on the servant.

As you can see I add a table and there will be a buffet? this one is just a attempt. And don’t care of the shadows.

Tanks for looking and comment are xelcome


Very nice project Vincent… I prefer the first compo… for the background, I don’t think that necessary to blur it… you can only play with lights and shadow, that’s will be sufficient to add some contrast between characters and environment…

That’s a pretty scene guy… continue like that, that certainly will be great… bravo, j’aime beaucoup :thumbsup:


I think the lower picture is more dynamic :slight_smile:
Keep the plate more visible…

Peut-être encore un peu plus en contre-plongée ?
Avec une expression désapprobatrice du serveur ?

Keep going on


I personally like the top one since the characters dynamic posing contrasts the straight background. (i.e. setting the two apart a little more) The pose of the male figure also seems a little more refined. In all honesty I kind of like the shot without the table. It made the little girls jump seem much more energetic. But this all depends on the history you’re planing on putting into the piece. Excellent work and looking forward to more. :slight_smile:


Hey vincent. I like more the second one. it gives a better perspective of the escene
a thought …why don’t you make more difused the shadows, like the shadows on the wall?
it wiil made ti more realistic.:smiley:


What a mess… I show you here what was a possible idea. It’s a very long picture thatshows the girl trajectory (chair, desk -there will be an deformed cloth on it-, table and then servant). It’s a cool concept but I’m afraid to go far away from the matter of the challenge. With a close up (like the 1st pictures you’ve seen), I show more emotion in the master and srvant. The choice of the long picture is less emotive but has the particularity to be original and funny.
So I can’t decide yet. Need your advice and comments.

Anyway I’ll have to work on colors, lighting and details but there is not so much time yet so I have to choose my layout…


haha yeh thats cool… love the way u can see her path of destruction maybe u could make that more clear, like puting a white cloth over the bench and having muddy footprints in it (just to make sure she makes more mess… lol)

ive been away for a few days and uve really done some good work…

good work


At his moment I think I 'll use the close up composition. I think it fits more the theme of master and servant. Of course I could have justified the long picture by the effort made by the girl to see the servant but it wasn’t the aim of the picture. I really want to told about naivety of the girl who love the servant but didn’t know he’s a employee. And to show the affection of the servant for his master. For him, serve this little girl is the most important thing in the world and a real pleasure.
Anyway I’ll do the long picture for personnal purpose and you’ll see iti in the 2 versions I think. But for the challenge, the picture given will be the close up with just a chair or the table in right position.

tilite : good to see you back. I thought about the cloth. I just didn’t have time. Good idea for the muddy footprints.

melkao : As I said don’t care about shadows. There will be some possibilities : no shws, just, the things on the wall or very soft shadows. I had to try.

safe05 : Excellent comment on the table who diturb the energy of the girl. I put it on the other way now. Do you think it’s better ???

taeyoungchoi : Cool a new spectator ! thanx.

spacesnail : I’m proud to see you coming back often on my post. For the servant I’m not sure he will have a too severe expression. Maybe just surprise or compassion

Lemog : Thanks for comment. Happy to see that people who are able to make such complex scene can appreciate simple ones.


You know… I prefer a lot when 3d was too much realistic… we have photo for the really. You have find a very sympathic style, for an interesting mood, and for that, I appreciate so much. Bon courage pour la suite :applause:


Very funny style! And good idea , lovely



I especially love the extra wide/path of mess crop - so even if you’re not going for it in the challenge I’m looking forward to seeing you do it justice later. :smiley:


wow… your style is really unique and refreshing… I love the characters so far… the wide angle shot strikes a good balance I think… and a sense of speed…

looknig fwd to more…


Interesting style you got going on- really like the vectorised look.


i think in ur image u submit u should have the table and some way of explaining that she has traveled over it in a great carless rush to get to her beloved servant… those two words dont even fit together… sounds so strange.

so yeh include a footprint or somethign along those lines