Master and Servant 3D Entry: vincent guibert


I think I got the basic posing. As I can have difficulty with such matter, any help is appricated.


Your style ROCKS, I love it :bounce:



i hvnt viseted for a few days but his has really turned into a cool piece.

i think the pose its pretty darn close to perfect… i might look into onw where the butler is leaning back, as if overbalanced by the tiny kid (obviously he wouldnt be but it would be cool)… but dont change his expression i think what u have is excellent.

great work ill have to check in more reguarly!!!


Hey authentic, well done mate! the new pose is leaps ahead of your original:thumbsup:

I’m taking ‘simplicity’ notes every time I visit…Cheers, and good luck!


I just wanna thanks everybody who follows me.

To goro : I really like your master and servant

And a special thanks to daddymack and tilite for their different answer.

To daddymack : glad to see simplicity can be appreciated. It’s my way to make illustration (maybe also a lazy way of time - I’m kidding)

Next to come : I have rework the pose to be more dynamic again. I think it’s gonna be cool. Then it’s time for colors or background. Don’t have decided yet.


Wow, great style you have, just found this thread and looking forward to seeing more. Bravo


I have reworked the posing. Now I need your help for 2 things. One is the layout. In my thread there is after this post, another one with different layout : horizontal, vertical, close-up. PLease help me choose

2nd thing : the servant was bringing something to the girl( master) before she jump on him to “thanks” him. What can this be : ice cream I thought but if someone got a better idea, tell me !

To conclude, if I think there is no way to win this challenge, it’s a great pleasure to share my work with you. It had to be told :slight_smile:


AArgh I can’t post attachements. For the layout I can’t show you the picture. Well the choice was betwenn the one just up, one in the same camera as my previous posing, one like my previous posing but crop on the side to have a vertical layout. Or others…


Hi again authentic, I think the first image conveys his pose and ‘sudden stop’ way better, in the second image, he could be stationary, and leaning back. I’d say the first is more dynamic…but the second is more personal…

Good luck man:thumbsup:


yeh this pose is just what i was thinking of… well done!!

ice-cream is great u cant go wrong with that… what about one of those massive sundeas that are like a foot tall… i dont know maybe even a teddy bear… lol i mean this is a ‘cute’ piece

great work


hehe that’s just too cool.

I’m following this thread. I really like your characters!


I love the gesture in this work! Very good stuff!



Thanks guys for comments. Some news :

I had no time to work more on the challenge last days. Back to work for now. I hope I can post new things really soon.

About the layout. MAny people prefer to see the servant on his whole body. But I prefer him cut in the leg cause it allow me to focus on the characters. In this way the background will be less important. I have not dfecided yet. So I think I’ll do the picture in the entire and then crop if necessary.

About what he was carrying to the little girl. I stay on the idea of the ice cream even if I think there can be more original idea.

Now it’s time to go back to work.


ice-cream and happy kids, that a match made in heaven… I think thats a good idea… you can make her a big ice-cream with sprinkles and berries and some chocolate and custard, scrumptious. Would even make me to jump and hug that servant L :thumbsup:


Hello authentic
quote : " I don’t know if I keep the shoes or let her in socks." Maybe she could lose one shoes, it would add some more action in the picture.
Great expressivity of the characters :thumbsup:


Many differences since the last version. I add some details like ice cream, bg… I put the 1st color, prepare a simple lighting…
Even I nearly know where I want to go, I need your advice and comments.


Your style is really cool, very nice movement in your scene, great work


Some of my friends told me about this possibility. I think I’m gonna try it. Now there are many things “which fly” like ice cream… so I don’t know if I put the shoes it would be so efficient. As it take not so much time, I 'll try it.

Thanx also to artlutik. I keep going. Many things to adjust.


Hi Vince !

I’m just above you :wink:

More seriously, your posing is good, but for lightning, you have shadows on your BG wich are against the action not in the right direction, to my mind. All the main light would come from the left.
For the Ice cream, two things :

  • separate the glass of the Ice, just a little bit.
  • Add some “slurp” FX, I’m sure you’ll do it right, you have a good future in FX…
    For the color, the little girl seems to be sick, she need more life in her skin…

The design looks so good, you will increase the aim of the picture with just little things.



Oh just a last thing, the paint on the wall is on the arm of your man, it’s not good to see exactly what’s happens.


Hey Buddy Authentic!!

I think your work is soo kind to see! Your style is very original!! I think your final render will be ok!! Great job dude! i will follow your thread!!

See U!!