Master and Servant 3D Entry: vincent guibert


looooove this style:thumbsup:

one crit is that his mickey mouse style hands dont really fit the style


Very cool style simple but very stylish I like alote :thumbsup:


I like the boxed look so far. Keep it up.


Very motivated by your support. Thanks.

For what says Hexodam, I had to say his hands are in fact gloves. It’s why they are so “visible” even with his thin arms. Anyway maybe have I to reduce the fingers. I think I’ll try it fast to see what it looks like. Anyway all crits are welcome.


The head seems ok. I have also makes sme ameliorations on the body. Others next… And the shoes to remodel. And the the 2nd character, the little girl.


Hi authentic, love your style mate! Really wacky, 'specially his jawline…Great work:thumbsup:
Keep it coming


A very bad sketch just to show the final aim of the picture with the character I’ve model before. Other possibilities : the girl can catch his legs and he try not to fall. Or he can stay straignt and she jump to catch the ice cream but it really t high for her.
I wanna play about a child who don’t his servant is paied to do this. He’s just a freind for her. For the servant, this job is just the best job of his life cause he really adore the girl. In fact the2, master and servant, are happy of their situation.


Testing the posing and i have many interrogations. Is it really readable ??? Do I have to change my action ?? For what ??? Arrrgh so many questions…This challenge is going to kill me !!!


jajajajaja:drool: …very cool this model, is funny.
nice idea man. keep working:beer:


That’s a really nice character! Hilarious!!

Rock on and good luck on that!


The character design is very original.,andthe modelling style,but the body hasnt the quality and livingness that the head has! try designing the body,again…great…keep it up.

good luck mate:thumbsup:


Here’s the little girl : the master… I have stop the work on the servant because I have not so much time so I prefer go back to him if I have more time later.
I hope the modelisation of the girl will be easier. I’m not sure… Anyway I like her and maybe this challenge is only here to improve my hand_drawing skills (which are so bad at the moment).


Bravo ! Great work ! You’ve got a real personnal style !:thumbsup: Like your character design !:bounce: I’m an hard edges addict too ! Good luck for the rest of the challenge, make us other great and personnal work ! Gonna look back to your thread !:slight_smile:

Bonne chance à toi (même si la chance n’a rien à faire la dedans !), bon suitage ! J’aime beaucoup ton style “différent” !:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Just to share with all the first step of modeling of the little girl. Hope you’ll like it.


The girl in her whole body. I don’t know if I keep the shoes or let her in socks. The position in near of the final position with many details to adjust.


Just great authentic, I love your overall style in this piece so far!
Keep it coming:thumbsup:


Yep - really like your style! I love that waiter - he’s, -oh so french. Really funny.
Having seen your other work (luma boy, moon girl) I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out excellent. Very cool work :thumbsup:


very nice modeling man…that little girl looks very bad:scream:


great idea
your men character is funny:thumbsup:


you’ve really got your own style, i like it. I like your idea as well, all looks great!