Master and Servant 3D Entry: vincent guibert


Thanks for the eye candy!!!


adorable story and image :bounce: and your style is really nice… Good Luck :slight_smile:


the 1st time I saw your wip, i love it… & the final is so cute, great job bro!!:thumbsup:


beutiful work! full of emotions! I love the style!
well done!
congrats! and good luck!


Thanks to everybody and may you have luck for the vote.


Hey authentic,
as I told before, cool style. Just so simple and funny!
What can I say, kind story, soft colors - good taste!
Good fortune with your work, mate!


i simply loved the idea…
yours is the cutest entry i have come across…
the story line and presentation both are very good…
what strikes most about the image is the importance given to the feelings rather than trying to be realistic(i hope you get what i mean)…the look of the image goes well with the story idea…
best of luck!!


i love it! so childish and playful great mood in this one. good luck to you mate.


Hey Vincent,

You did a wonderful job of capturing the childs joy :thumbsup: , very nice image . Good luck


hey man…

very proud of u… a great result.
ive been with u from the start and glad of it too, i even remember thos stupid lil sketches:thumbsup:
it really did turn out great, i love it
sorry i wasnt around in the last week, but i was out of town

anyway once again congrats and good luck


Thats is Eye popping,…veeery Original and very cool…nice colors,nice character design,nice environment,nice actions and really simple! u have my vote! thats one of my good favorits…
:thumbsup: Good luck…


Nice compo and Beautiful rendering…Good luck!:applause: :applause: :applause:


Great work ! :thumbsup: Nice colours ! Original picture… Love it… :applause:
Hope you gonna have a prize ! :bounce:


Bellísimo y de una inocencia salvaje :eek:


If I am limited to give only ten votes here, yours would be certainly one of these.
Great job, thumbs up. Two thumbs up:thumbsup: :thumbsup: . Way up.


Thanks to everybody. When i started this challenge (my 1st), I didn’t think I would have so much reactions. I don’t know if my simple style can be effective again the so big work made by the other but I’m glad to see the reactions, even if I don’t know I deserve them.

I’m also happy to have discover so great artists as you can be. And now I feel I’m IN the cgtalk community. :thumbsup:

Thx again.


very very sweet, delicate and enjoyable scene. great design, colors and showing the mess execution :bounce:
good luck :thumbsup:


You can be proud… congratulations Vincent :slight_smile:


heya… you’re entry was on my top10 list, congratulations man!


On my top10 too, congrats! :thumbsup: