Master and Servant 3D Entry: vincent guibert


Hey mate have best luck…very good job I like your style!!:thumbsup:



so cute!!:bounce:
excellent work.:thumbsup: lovely character and comp.



I love it. It is so amusing and original. Good work.

I wish you luck in the final stages on the challenge! :thumbsup:



Hi mate, this is a very good work! I like the image composition, colors and character style. Maybe if you want, you can add some other details!!


Great, you have to make an animation out of this! Lovely consistent stylized forms & sense of movement. If you’ve got time, maybe you could add some more small narrative details like that painting, but it’s fine as it is :thumbsup:


i love the style ,very unique and original , good luck :thumbsup:


Great shot Vincent, and an absolute pleasure and learning experience to watch it evolve… Thanks:thumbsup:


Boing Boing Boing

Bonne chance :bounce:



I realy like this, it’s very fun and has a lot of personality.

Congrats on finishing and good luck with the judges!:applause:


congratulations on finishing a very nice artwork on time, it’s been fun to follow. I hope you’ll place well in the voting…!


awesome stuff man, just got to say that your style is great, it´s very nice to see someone with his own style.

keep it up


I wanna thanks everybody. It was really a ploeasure to make this picture with you, all over the world. I say good luck for everybody. Many smileys for you. :thumbsup::):scream::bounce::love::applause:

This picture and character have maybe a future. For the picture, maybe I’ll made a larger version with more history. MAybe I’ll made over on the same theme with same character. In an other way, I 'd like to animate them. Many things to do but not enough time. I have to continue some illustrations for my children’s book (cf luma boy and moon girl) before doing this.

Oh and I forgot the title for the picture; It’s called :

“My best friend is 50 years old more than me”


a simply wonderful piece … unique and stylized, elegant and simple … congrats on a beauty :applause:


Really enjoyed your thread. Good luck, i think you have a stunning image.


i just found your thread! :love:(i looked at your other work too) <-- sooo cute and unique! i like your style a lot! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

best wishes and good luck for the contest! :bounce:


Beautiful work - a joy to follow. Good luck with the voting!


pigwater handlebar dunkelgold Gunilla : Thanks a lot. It was a pleasure for me too. Glad to see you appreciate my work. It wouldn’t have been such quality without the community. :scream:


I like your style… very cartoonish, great curves! Sweet colors too.

good luck !



Hey there!

Good luck in the challenge, the pic looks great, your own unique style.:thumbsup:


hi authentic,

well done…this remains one of my favorites in the competition for your unique style and great characters. There’s a nice sense of affection and respect in your piece

good luck!