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Latest Update: Final Image: My best friend is 50 years older than me

Maybe my last image post. I think I’ve finished it. Anyway Comment are always welcome and maybe I’ll change something. I thank everybody in the challenge and have been really happy to participate at what was my first challenge.
Good luck for everybody. I’ll stay in the challenge but just as a viewer.

On next posts I tell some words on the story and some on the artistic intentions.

I edit the post to add stroy on the 1st page : so

some words on story :

First I forgot the title. It’s no good in the challenge page. So it’s : “My best friend is 50 years older than me”

I wanted to make a master and servant where the fact to serve someone can be something happy. I also wanteed to show that the master can made some effort for his servant, maybe much that him.

So finally I decided the story about a little girl living in a huge old house with servant… This little girl has a servant who specially take care of her and her “reclamations”.

This servant was a very traditionnal guy with many principles of life. Normally he’s a little severe. But he has been touch by this little girl so cute and serve her is something he loves so he can be more decontracted in some moments. For him, serve this girl is the best job of his life, it’s a happy thing to serve.

For the girl I just wanted to show the naive aspect of the fact to be the master; She’s the master, she had all she wants but does she know the servant is paied for it ?? For her, he’s just a friend, her best friend. Someone to play with.

 Action : [b]When the servant shout there were ice cream for her, the little girl (our master) was so happy to have such a friend that she run as fast as she can, disturbing all the house, to jump and make him the biggest calin she can. The servant was surprised, emu and amused by this action. Never mind for the mess...[/b]


Ok here’s the idea. A very big servant in a rch falimy. he have to be here for the little girl of the family. there like them each other. It’s more a picture about innocene (for the girl) and pleasure to serve someone (for the… servant).


this sounds like a cool concept. ur a good 3d artist to with nifty ideas so im keen to see what u come up with

good luck


thanks tilite. I just hope i’ll got the time to make what I want. I often do rough things but there are so much great artist in the comp thaht I must go higher in my work. And I don’t have so much time.


Here’s a new sketch of the servant. There are again many things to think about. Hope I’ll be able to put a start of modeling in several hours.


your right u dont have much time. the servant… he looke like a very ‘interesting’ kinda guy. have u got a sketch of the sceen? how many characters are u going to have showing? what are the chances of u getting a extremly rough almost diagramatic sketch up in the next half hour?

lol to many Q’s lol


Now lets flesh those ideas out. Looking forward to seeing more.


And the servant has change another time. The 1st sketch was ok for me at first but afterall it was very very near of an old character I made. So I wanna try another. The 2nd one was…uurghh. At first I found it not bad. And I tried to model it but…then it didn’t work.
One reason : it wasn’t me, my style. It was too classic, too normal. I always do bizarre people, unproportionnal character. These one… I like it one hour and when I saw it later I hate it.

So here’s the 3rd attempt. More “illogical” but not sure it’s the good one. If it doesn’t work, I stop. But I’m optimist. With some amelioration it could be ok.

As he’s not eiher a big/strong guy but a very thin one, the aim of the picture change. And now he doesn’t carry the girl but he can crouch for a kiss or maybe he stay as on the picture and the little girl jump to his neck or bring his leg between his arms.

Comment and …help :slight_smile:


So I choose the last version to begn anew (and better) modeling. I’m pretty happy of it. Of course he has no head for the moment, but it’s the next step. On the body I have to work on the pelvis and the longer of the arms. The suit will be more detailled.

Wait for commentary. Good luck at all.


i like it. very nice design.


haha this is cool, im so glad u changed ur design this is such a playgul character he is great.

im impressed… keet it commin


Nice caricature!!! Waiting for the head…
good luck!!!


Well. Working on the head. Not a real success for the moment. Anyway I think I will remade it using this one as an example for volume.
As usual, comments are aprreciated.


great body on that figure, maby some tweaks on head, its almost there,only the last dot over the i is needed, cheking in later, see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


As I have to rework the head, I have made a new, better concept. Hope I 'll be able to model it (modeling is a really hard stuff for me :slight_smile:


After several attempt I found a design that feet me and I nearly success to model it. It’s cool. hope you’ll enjoy it.


Wow authentic,
I’m impressed with your style. “Helloween” as for me:) but I like it!
Wish you good luck with it! Believe you’ll come to finish with it - shoud be good illustration, man!


Now this guy has personality! looking good - jez


this is cool
i have only two crits. i would like to see abit more in shape in the nose. even only a slight dip. as it is it just looks a little too begginer. and the eyes… are u able to blend the skin around the eye back into the face?

great work keep going


Thanks all for your comments.

For the eye I have not yet decided what to do with. Some like it in this form, others not… For the moment, no changement. I still have some work on him : make him older with some wrinkles, add some eyebrow…

Good luck for those who make the challenge.