Master and Servant 3D Entry: Victor Marin


Victor Marin has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The final

Hey guys thanks for the replies, lots of postpro in my work, hope you like it.

I want to dedicate this image to my greats friends Stepan and Alex. Thanks you for your constant support my brothers.

Now i can rest a little.

Thanks for viewing


This is my Master and servant entry and my first post in this wonderful forum. I´m so happy. Hope you like it my work.


This is the base mesh of my Puppet Master, comments and crits are welcome


The body of the puppet master, still in progress, this is a low poly model still.


The head of the PM, still on progress, no texture only shader.


Nice work…like alot the face…good luck and welcome!!:thumbsup:



good luck with the challenge and welcome:bounce:
great head so far mate, i would give him more details but i guess u have just started:scream:


hey victor, your modeling looks great :D, especially the head. I think the back muscles of the body could use a bit more detail, but besides that it looks good :slight_smile:


cool job man… i just think u should have more atention in the anatomy… waiting to see more… c ya !


Zbrush, powerfull software indeed. Is it your faithfull servant ? :scream:

REally good modeling, the head have nice details, and exact proportion, for me…



Hey Victor ,

Great job with the head model, look forward to seeing more. :thumbsup:


hi ~ilusiondigital.good head modelling, i think! good starting!nice lighting and shader
i`m waiting your next update!good luck:)


Thanks for the kind words friends.

I´m working now in some elements of the background, it´s like a soul puppet master.


Wow nice model really!!:thumbsup:


hi. your modeling skills are just wonderful. the face on your last update gives me the creeps - it’s that good. I couldn’t imagine more powerful expression. :applause:
now for crits… I think the master’s ears are a bit too big… but hey - it’s just a matter of artist’s idea for a model. so no crits at all. waiting for more. :thumbsup:


This is a quick sketch i made to see the proportions and the enviroment, a sea of spawn and souls, puppets of the god of the life´s game.


You call this a sketch. Mate, you are maniac. When did you do all this stuff. Especailly impressed with the head model. Nice shader too. Is it final? Waiting to see more.

The spawn could be more… “spawny”. What software do you use?
My thread (if you are interrested)


Hi Suk, the software used is Zbrush.

An amazing program. I like you like my work :wink:

I will post more updates as soon as possible.

Greetings friend


Hi Illusion,

Am gonna watch with great anticpation!!!

Good luck my friend!!


Nice to see you my friend.

I hope you like ot this work, i´m so hapy for this.

Un abrazo muy fuerte Aminuts.


Testing colours, try to get a harmony of soft colours.