Master and Servant 3D Entry: Steven Bateman


Great face and perfect expression!



Hey handlebar, a very cool start to your characters mate:thumbsup:
Keep it coming


great characters :thumbsup: very expressive .


Pretty much finished with this fella, will do a bit more refining later if i have the time. Thanks for looking


Yo Steve!

Your Butler is FULL of character! It just stood out in the “view entries” section. Absolutely go on and do ya brilliant job!

yep, that’s it



:eek: wow beautiful figure :applause: congrats excellent modelling !



I’m BLOODY lookin’ forward to this one’s final…

Great facial values man, and your quick sketch is just simply all you need to understand the plot! Great potential in this. Give up your job and just concentrate on entertaining us, understood?! hehe

cool thread…
keep it UP-PAH!



Hellooo there dude… read your concept and i think its quiet good to see something different in the challenge, something not evil, very stylised look you got here with the butler already you can see quiet a bit of expression in his face just by the simple model… great stuff… if your expressions are as good as your modeling then big ups man this is great stuf… (i love his eye brows) lol :thumbsup:


Very good modeling. Good Luck!


Nice modelling:thumbsup: You have a deft touch with those polygons, sir.


Great work on the head, it looks incredible.


wow !
great model !! c ya !


Nice modeling. Interesting concept. GL!


Started roughing out the master last night, still got lots to do.


That utler is great, gives me a chance to say lugubrious :applause:


Nearly finished the master.


Fantastic, and the expression looks really good… :applause: I like this big eyes !!!
congrats :wip:


Nice work on the master.


Added hair to the master


I love the master character.Reminds me old time comedian actors.Was wondering what software you are using for the hair system.They look nice!:thumbsup: