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Well i’ve had great fun with my first challenge here at cgtalk. I feel like i’ve made some new friends and have learnt loads. Thanks to all those who helped out along the way and posted to my thread.
The Story.
The Servant has had enough of the Masters arrogant ways and how he has been mistreated by the master over the years. The servant is prepared to risk all to exact revenge by one simple act. How the story unfolds is left up to the viewer, it could go in many ways, my aim was to freeze a moment in time just as the deed was done.
Good luck to everyone.


Good luck :slight_smile:



Hi folks,
My concept revolves around the idea that the master temporarily looses his power over the the servant. The servant, in this case a butler, empowers himself by serving the master a cooked rat for dinner. The two characers expressions will be key to the success of this image (or not) and it is this area that i plan to spend most of my time.

The butler, first scetch


initial thought on how the master should look.


I like the concept and actually the look of you figure is really interesting…

good luck ! :wip:



Great stuff! Look forward to seeing these characters fleshed out.:thumbsup:


Off to a fine start! Welcome abaord the craziness of cgtalk challenge!:smiley:


Composition. Visualy how will these relate to each other on the page. Try to organize the space first to best convey your idea. Then kick in the details and other fun stuff. Work through it.


I like the sketches Handlebar. Good to see you join. cheers.


I know your characters are always so full of great detail. This should be fun. Good luck. :smiley:


Also, be sure to submit ALL your images through the proper “Submit Entry” procedure. It doesn’t appear you have.


very nice sketches. looking forward to to see how you translate it to 3d. good luck


just a quick sketch to show you where i’m going with this


Love the Idea will be watching )


Started roughing out the butlers head, still lots to do, i’ll post a wire when i’m a bit further on with it 8)


Nice work on the modeling, it is already showing off the personality of the character.


Definitely a very expressive character. It’s nice to see a different style. :slight_smile:


just another update


wonderful face and character … welcome to the fun :thumbsup:


Your sketches and the first model really make me laugh, it seems your idea has potential for alot of humor and to portray alot of emotions. Its also interesting that you are taking a stereotypical relationship and inverting it, and that this is where the emotion in your work is derived from. Looking forward to seeing more developement of this idea.