Master and Servant 3D Entry: Stephen Sherrin


My excuse for a caucasian overlord is for an even worse reason. I did know that original egyptians were all black, as egypt is an african nation (altough I didn’t know about the origins of the word caucasian, which I found very interesting), but my flaw came down to several things. First of all, laziness. I only had really good, full body reference of one black man, am not very good at the subtleties of texturing darker skin. Also, I hate to say that I used American ideas of slavery for some of the imagery (it bothers me the extent to which we, as a nation, tend to lack a long term sense of history, and often look at things based solely on our short, 229 year history). But, anyway, thanks for the input, I found it thouroughly interesting, and appreciate it!


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