Master and Servant 3D Entry: Stephen Sherrin


hmmm…in that pose the knees of your char seem to be a bit too round…make the thigh of your char a bit less muscular…only a hint :wink:


Yeah, the legs were bothering me too. I will work on those!


Looking good so far. No critiques yet. Keep it up.


Nice start :slight_smile:

I’d proably just start making small definitions in the forehead area to kinda square it off on the sides a little. Also maybe define some cheeks slight just so he doesnt seem so “round” all over. Oh and a little more definition in the brow area. Other than that…it’s starting out well.

Excellent job on the mouth though…Great TEETH!


the mouth is great. agree with Kid Mesh. it’ll make him look tougher.


Thanks for the input, guys! I cut in more detail. Think I’ll still detail some wrinkling into the lower eyelids, but is this more what you were thinking so far? PS- the character will be wearing a headdress, so I’m not carrying detail further back on the head


I started roughing out the bodshape as well. He will be partialy clothed, so I’m not worrying about detailing the buttocks/groin, which will be covered


Just a rear view of the same


much better. it is’nt clear in the sketch, is he wearing somthing on his head ? again, great mouth, you added this thing under his tongue :thumbsup:


He will be wearing a headdress (I’m not sure the proper term, but think lawrence of arabia


Just added a little detail and did the uv mapping, so Next I’ll tweak the model, add texture, and clothing. Any input would be, as always, appreciated.


Done a little more work… here’s some terxture on the master’s head and the headdress


One more coming…


OK, last angle on the head


I have set up the pose for the master, just need to tweak some verts. Also roughed out the design for his clothes. Any opinions/suggestions?


wow man, he got an impressive left shoulder in that pose…very well modeling:thumbsup:


looks realy good, a real brute. fit to be a master.

good luck on the rest.



you have some really amzing textures there… And great models as well. me like’ie :thumbsup:


Here’s an approximate layout of the 2 main characters. STill have to do the scene and background characters. ANy critiques suggestions? I appreciate it


Iemand? Alstublieft?