Master and Servant 3D Entry: Stephen Sherrin


OK, last angle on the head


I have set up the pose for the master, just need to tweak some verts. Also roughed out the design for his clothes. Any opinions/suggestions?


wow man, he got an impressive left shoulder in that pose…very well modeling:thumbsup:


looks realy good, a real brute. fit to be a master.

good luck on the rest.



you have some really amzing textures there… And great models as well. me like’ie :thumbsup:


Here’s an approximate layout of the 2 main characters. STill have to do the scene and background characters. ANy critiques suggestions? I appreciate it


Iemand? Alstublieft?


would that’ll be the final weapon? i think some kind of horsewhip will work better (just punish slaves not to kill them…)


I agree with Grimreaper1981, that looks like he’s going to murder the slave. A bullwhip might be a bit better.

Other than that, looking good, I like the textures.


Huh, your servant wont keep up very long with that spiky chainball :eek: . Why not just using a whip…


Thanks. I will change it to a whip… You’re right, I was going a bit overboard


They tend to wear those stripey head things rather than Laurence of Arabia. The one thing I don’t like about the slave master is his mace thing. That’s a killing weapon, surely the idea is not to kill the slaves but to just frighten them. A whip with three tangs at the end, nip and hurt like hell but do little more damage.

Your body textures are amazing by the way. :applause: :thumbsup: Bodypaint?


He stephen,

thanks for you’re tips and all, realy gonna try. You asked for suggestions…?
I’de make the slave a bit less musculaer and his clothes a little more “worked” (torn and stuff)
Some bruises would look good. (on him that is) but the moddels look stunning.
Can’t wanit to see the enviroment.



I’ve tried to take everyone’s suggestions into account, and this is the result so far. Changed the weapon to a whip, torn, tattered and dirtied slave clothes, and added some blood and bruising to the slave. I’m not sure I like the bloody nose (it might be a bit much), but think I will add more bruising, scrathes. What do you think? And is this a bit better?


The bloody nose is a bit too much i guess, haha…the clothes are realy good now.
He looks more like a slave then he did before. Instead of the bloody nose try giving him a few lashes on his body…some old ones like scarmarks of the whip and fresh one like redness.

Still looks good, like the composition.:thumbsup:



Got rid of bloody nose and added some scarring to chest and forehead(Think the chest may need brighter welts… The scars llok very realistic in the texture, but I can barely see them on the rendered model… Agree?)


Yes you ARE right my friend. The scarring can’t be seen in the rendered image, maybe some overdone bumpmapping will help…may loo awfull in your scene but could look great in the rendered image. Or else try to lighten his skintone a little…may help a bit.
I’m out for today tough. i’m gonna have dinner and then head over to the gym to work my lazy computerbody, haha. good luck with your slave.


BTW…what program are you useing?


Workin in 3ds max 7 and photoshop


Fixed the scar textures on the slave


I’ve started working on the landscape for my scene. I’m not very good at scenery/outdoor landscapes, so any critiques, suggestions, or tutorials you could point me to would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.