Master and Servant 3D Entry: Stephen Sherrin


Stephen Sherrin has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Done!

Finished at last!


OK, just a quickie sketch (my modeling is much stronger than my drawing). Anyway, the concept is simple- a fallen slave about to be beaten, extreme fear on his face and extreme anger on the slave master’s. Other slaves can be seen hauling a large block of granite in the background, heading towards a pyramid


nice concept:thumbsup: but the block should be very big,and lots of people moving it.


Thanks for the input… My perspective on the sketch is generally way off (The palm trees also look like they may be the same size as the pyramid). I’ll try to keep proportions correct, although I am having trouble finding reference images (paintings or drawings) of life in ancient Egypt, so much will be best guess


I’m going to try and be better this time about posting frequently. Anyway, here’s the 1st character’s completed head model. Textrure should be done in an hour or so and will post then, and then move on to the body


Here are 2 versions of the same texture, one darker, one lighter more olive toned. Any opinions on which way I should go texture wise?


Great head!!! Use the darker one!!! It is more realistic!!! White one makes the character resemble to M. JAckson he he!!!


Well, MJ has enuff trouble without my turning him into an Egyptian slave,so I guess I’ll have to stick with the darker head


OK, Done with the torso. Modelled it in 2 pieces, than attached


Finished texturing the torso


Completed the body and legs, including texture. Will be out of town for the weekend, so probably my last post till tuesday, but I will check in for any opinions. I always appreciate input!


wow! this is awsome! I would only tweak a bit the body, but it truly looks real! I think that calfs should be a bit wider in the inside part, buttocks should be a bit smaller, they could probably be anatomicaly correct, but in my opinion they look strange. Sometimes unnatural things look more real than real ones in 3d:) I also think that he could have more detailed stomach muscles. As I understand he’s a hard phisical worker, so his muscles could be more defined. But not too much, as during such work the muscles are not trained in the same way as i nthe gym:)

Good luck! Keep the great progress


good work bro, glad to see your in this one


WTF! Didnt expect to get mooned when I opened this thread :scream: jesus.

Nice start though, looking forward to seeing more (non buttocks) LOL j/k. Cant wait to see the finished model.


I will be tweaking the body some once it is complete. I’m also thinking I may need to slim him a bit… He looks pretty well defined, but something in the proportions makes me think overweight. Well, good luck to all, and thanks again! I’ll post some updates Tuesday morning or so


wow great modelling session :thumbsup:


great work. Very nicely modeled. Very provoking imagery in your sketches. I can see this going far. Well done.


I tweaked the body a bit, as recomended and finished attaching body parts.


Here’s a rough idea of the character’s posing. All the envelopes still need major tweeking, and the lighting’s off, but the pose is about there. Any opinions/advice?


I have started working on the head for the master, so here it is. Any critiques?