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Simon Barsky has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: Beast Update

Here is an update. I’ve really got to start going faster!


Hi all,
This is my first challenge and I am a bit unclear as to what is required to be submitted using that submit entry page on CG networks. Could someone please explain this or point me to where I can find it out? Thanks.


Hope this answers your questions

good luck to you


I saw that before but I guess I didnt read over it good enough :rolleyes: I found the info I needed, thanks!:slight_smile: Good luck to you too.


This is the overall concept for my entry. It is a blind guy taking his seeing eye beast out for a walk. I’m not very good at drawing, so I hope this makes sense. I hope to get some detail sketches for the characters up tomorrow.


Here is a sketch of what I am thinking the beast’s head might look like. I think I might leave the eyes white like this, I think that might go well with the “seeing eye beast” idea. Please let me know what you think. :slight_smile:


Hmm, well it seems no one is interested in commenting on my idea. Here is a sketch of the beast from the side. I think I will start modeling now. Any comment or critic would be greatly appreciated.


Here is the start of the head model.


youve got some great concepts, good luck modelling that guy :thumbsup:

nothing to critiques yet, but ill be back when you have some more updated modelling renders:)

what program(s) are you going to be using?


Hi tdawg217. Thanks for the encouragement:) I’ll be posting some more pics tomorrow. I am using Maya right now, and I might use Zbrush later on for adding more detail, but I havent had much of a chance to use it and get used to it yet.


Here is the rough version of the head. I want to get the overall shape done before I start detailing. Let me know what you think of it so far.


That’s looking great Simon. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Maybe you could make his mouth and nose base a bit broader to make him more evil looking?


Hi man

Will u use Zbrush for the detail, i think it could be a great model for that? I don’t know but z artist can agree ?

I just want to see the next spet man :thumbsup:


i like the concept sketches, the beast is cool, especially the 3/4 view. i like the beginnings of the model too, nurbs or polys? (i’m also working in maya). one of my ideas was to model grendel (from the story beowulf) and it’s mother, but this was way beyond the scope of my abilities and creativity, but that’s kind of what your creature reminds me of, a grendel type of beast crossed with a gorrila :slight_smile: i hope that’s ok. keep it up, and good luck!



Concept is interesting. Block the composition in 3d so we can see were your going with it.


Hi loren. Thanks for liking my beast:D I’ve been meaning to read Beowulf, is it kind of hard to understand? The monster is made of polygons and I used the Connect Poly Shape script to smooth it. Heh, I suppose it would look a bit like a baboon, because that’s what I used for reference:)

Hey dominikmk, another Canadian I see:) I’m not sure about using Zbrush yet, I’ll see what I can do once I’ve added more detail in Maya. I’m sorry, but I didnt quite understand this part: “I don’t know but z artist can agree ? I just want to see the next spet man”

Hi Brent. I think I will do that tonight as well.

Thanks for the comments guys. I hope I can get another update tonight.


I didn’t get to do much work the past two days. I had to finish up a school project and get the water out of my flooded garage :frowning: Anyways, I’ve started detailing the head and I am now going to do a mock up of my scene to show what I want to look like.

P.s. I need to do something with the nose. Any ideas?


dude dude… your model is looking fantastic man… reminds me stacks of a monkey type baboon or something… but still this looks really clean and well presented… great start dude… keep it up!!


I made a very simple pre-vis for this. I’m just trying out some different camera anlges.


Here is a different angle.