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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: the Story

the Story

Akeem received his Nunck servant on his fifth birthday from his father, Baron Asheem Von Pelt.
The war Lord baron had just returned from a six month campaign on the distant planet of Yiist. His troups had engaged the Nuncks in the plains in front of their huge cities. Baron Asheem\'s ultra modern legions faced the ferocity and fierce determination of the female-warriors of that alien race. At dawn they charged only armed with primitive weapons and where crushed in a record time of less than 6 minutes by the powerfull XMBs heavy artillery and by the HellCopters of Cdt Sinkletom.
Shortly after the male Nuncks where deportated. Nunck society was mainly matriarcal, females conducted the politics and the war affairs while males took care of the eggs and children. They became slaves of domestic use for the aristocraty of Terra-Minor and Panaple.
Nuncks became very popular among young children of high-rank. But soon after, they were overclassed by Aerial Ochoons from Nimhf.
The Nuncks were then sold on huge exo-markets to extracting companies.
But Akeem never got tired of his Nunck and their relation intensified as the years passed by. He stopped calling him Jam Jam for his ancient name Ashz.
A few years later, a rumor ,stating that Nuncks where carriers for dangerous exo-viruses, lead to their massive extermination.
As a sign of protest against that stupid massacre, Akeem-Bhoris XXIV commited suicide on the 18th may of year 5425.He was nine years old.
That act caused a huge impact among the aristocraty. In the end it lead to the Lawrence\'s Amendment of slavery Abolition, still valid today in the whole empire.


Yop Fellows,
I finally managed to find some time to try to make a “proper” sketch of what I had in mind for the contest – its a bit messy I m afraid - don’t damage your eyes on it, trying to find out what its all about - I ll explain…well, its a portrait of a kid (son of an influent neo-aristocrat or so) in a luxurious baby carrier - hanging on the stomach of a Nunck.- What the heck is a Nunck? A Nunck being a race that daddy fought against on a distant solar system and forced into slavery.
Now,I hope that my final image will show an intimate complicity between the child and the creature - sharing his lollipop.Its not clear on the sketch that the creature has got tentacle ending arms and that he s “envelopping” the child in a gentle manner.
I ve been quiet busy on the modelling of the creature and the child - I ll post them very shortly -



Nice concept!

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


Hey it´s a very good concept, want to see more of your work, congratulations and good luck mate


love the concept dude, looking forward to seeing the modelling:thumbsup:


Okido, so here he is – little Akeem – still WIP concerning an army of missing details and accessoires - jewelry and so…
I ll probably pass him into Zbrush to see what good it can do. I kept him quiet simple now cause all the details can be added when he s in pose - don t want them to be in the way of the pose or even the processus of rigging/skinning - so its on the side for the moment. What else to say… hmm well maybe a little tip – I modelled all the clothes in a regular manner before converting them into cloth Object - that way the simulation of it (gravity and damping mainly) will add a few more convincing wrinkles or foldings. Its a good idea to prepare your UVs first before starting the simulation. Just bake the geometry at the most convincing frame.Concerning little Akeem, I want him to be even a little more fatty - think it would serve the character - Cheers


…hum it seems like I confused my files again – sorry this is Akeem – the other guy is the Nunck (please refer to the sketch if you get confused) - So, about that Nunck – its just regular modeling – he surely lacks a passage in Zbrush that should be fun to do. Unlike unfolding all these damn UVs. By the way for those of you working in Maya, that new Bonus unfoldTool is quiet helpfull, I dont really understand how that algorhytm works (of course) but its good. As for Akeem I left a lot aside for later – specially the end of the tentacles at his arms cause I can only model them in pose when I m sure of Akeem s position.


he is very sweet. keep going :thumbsup:


Cool characters, great cloth modeling !


Indeed, great characters! I particularly like the design of the master’s " hair style". Nothing really to crit. Keep it up.


Good Modeling!

I like the clothes too

Great!! :thumbsup:


Still little adjustements to make on the pose but generally speaking Modeling is over - Sniff.
UVs are unfolded and I m currently working on the Lighting and textures.
Kid has been rigged with a very light skeleton - I only needed it to achieve the pose - I corrected the model afterwards rather than spend plenty of consuming time on skinning it properly.
The Nunck was even less boned cause I modelled it more less “in the pose”.
His head needs some extra skinning now to be able to reach for the lollipop – maybe a simple wire deformer will do the trick - dunno yet.Got to work a little more on his big tongue and on the jointures of the finger/tentacles with the arm. Did the fingers apart cause I was not to sure of their length at the time. The all thing lacks a passage in Zbrush - that s coming soon.


just another view of our two fellows


Cool monster and funny master. good luck


Great concept aBlackEgg, i like the original models
good luck!!:thumbsup:


hi aBlackEgg:thumbsup:

good work, i like the concep and modeling , very wel.:slight_smile:



Allez hop, just clashing some colors together - trying to get an interesting palette – strange this image looks a bit like a japanese stamp…from a distance - around 2 miles or so.
I want to use fabrics a lot - some sober ones for the servant and some colourfull and childish for,well, the master.


Hey there Sandro…well thats some real nice modeling,I like the concept too…real nice job…I will watch you in these final days,and wish you the best in getting this done as you wish…:arteest:

…By the way…say Hi to everyone in that small town named Aalst (Alost)…You know that jewel of a town right in-between Brussels and ghent…:beer:

…I’ll be seeing you ,and all the best with you’re continued efforts here…:arteest:


Okay, first Lighting of the scene - I had that kind of light direction in my head so I didn t really give a chance to something else, probably a mistake , but Heck that s the kind of guy I am. To be honest I m also lacking some time. I ve been busy all day long with 3d stuff at work so its hard to get back to it when you come home, he?
Geeez, need a beer, yep, beer and a new computer, oh yeah beer, new computer and a frozen lasagna.
Rendering is Mental Ray in Maya6.5, mainly areas discs for the Key and Directionnals for the Fills. WIP - but I think I m gonna tweak the Lighting in Photoshop - not gonna spend countless hours on it in Maya. CU buddies


Why the heck did u have to mantion lasagna man,Now Im hungry like wolf.Darn you.
Beside that lasagna issue.I like your monster and little man.or is it a girl,havent read the story.The light is very soft,nice.
Keep it up man,seeya arround. :thumbsup: