Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener


• Wow Looking great, good sketches and modeling Sacha! :thumbsup: Keep 'em comming! :beer:


updates, updates, updates!!!:smiley:
where´s the ups my friend?? hahaha
Excellent sketches Sacha, excellent!


wow insane work man! im loving this…

the only thing though… for me i loved your original idea, i think your straying too far… i liked the simple elegance that you had…

but i suppose i should trust your judgement :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Sacha no updates?? ok we wait sure!!:thumbsup:


H i i i i i i i friend Sacha!:slight_smile: Your sketchs :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: Hey my friend I’m waiting your updates too :bounce: go go go Angel!!! :thumbsup:
See you mate


:bounce: :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:


That Anubis sketch is very cool! Nice job. Oh yeah that girl is not half bad either:D


Sacha, sorry mate, but me too is ong time that I didn’t stop by your thread… :eek: you are really an excellent modeller and designer, you got a so cool style…




Just beautiful Sacha… I haven’t seen your thread in a while because of some problems i had but it has evolved extremely well… Anubis looks incredible in the last sketch… Good luck with the challenge my friend…


More power to you Sacha, thanks for sharing this great image… May your keyboard dreams forever be Hi-res;)
BTW how’s the piece coming along?


Even was surprised! How many it is enclosed work!! And as beautifully it turns out!! It is glad for you! Only have time to complete! :slight_smile: I was impressed always with people capable equally qualitatively to work both in 2d and in 3d!:eek: Respekt for you!! :buttrock:


Sacha, that is why you should always have a pillow on your keyboard.

Great work on that image, been a nightowl myself.


Hey mates! YOu all all and everyone ROCK! I am so sorry i didnt make it to complete bothe parts, 2d and 3d. I had a very ruff time in the studio and took free til 18th from today, went home to try finnish :blush: my 2d, and will submit this one soon outside of the challenge in the 3d WIP section, to finnish it with the attention it deserves.
for those who wanna know what i’m up to, check my 2d, i’m about to finnish a huge piece of work, 60% painted with my mouse, and finally finally, just came to thank you all for following this! I’ll be glad for a little visit in my 2d of course :slight_smile:

Cheers and best of luck to all of you,
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Just you know what I think:)

beutifull work Sacha:thumbsup: bellissimo lavoro!:thumbsup:



I´m glad you´ll finish this at the 3d section, I really want to see it finish!
and the 2d image is… very inspiring, the lines flow and the colors are just great.
Good luck with it! :thumbsup:


Annubis is perfect…craving to see the rest!

Good Luck!


Looks great man! I need to try Zbrush, it seems like everyone is using it. I use maya.
All the best to you


Wow! man it’s it’s I’m speechless


you need the dark side to finish this one sash… yes… yes… i feel that anger coming out of you… hehehehe… good luck bro, i know you’ll come out with something amazing:thumbsup:


Sacha your latest post is really amazing :buttrock:

I now know its SaCha not SaSha, sorry English version is with the S.
Also your girls are really gorgeous, I’d never seen them.
The faces are just so nice for dreaming…

Wonderful painting. Also really great fantasy settings.
I’ll follow the 2D thread and hope your 3D picks up sometime.
Hope you find the time also.

Rocking :wink: