Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener


Sacha I hope you can finish my love :thumbsup: aahahah I’m wait for all body friend.

keep always very strong Sacha!! and:bounce:



great,great,great sketch, that makes me wane take up sketching again, dropt that 14 years ago, but when you see outstanding sketches like this, just great. see you later my friend and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


anubis looks awesome and very believable … we all know you can pull this off in 3d in no time… so i speak for everyone when i say update! :bounce: i cant wait to see this… fantastic dude…


Well came home yesterday and fell asleep on the sofa. That was not exactly the way i’d expect me to work on an update, thought:rolleyes: … blush… I’ll maybe take a bit off for real and get sketching again things out, done a few sketches today on minor details, but to be honest 5d is pure pain. silly me…

Splotchy: THanks my friend but to make clear again what happend, made it to sketch out a detail for my 2d yesterday and submitted it to 3d cuz i was too tired. lol. he’s from my 2d entry… still thanks a lot my friend! best of luck to you too!

Rych: Thanks! lol, i just messed up the submission.

Maxko: Thanks!

Marc: hahaha, whats yellow makes beep and gets hunter across zurich next: hahaha cheers mate!

Alexfalchi: ciao Alex! thanx a lot my friend!

Poisen: thanks a lot! well, your zbrushskills rock bad ass, and if you’d spent the same time on “graphite splines”, outlining your ideas wouldnt be a match for you.haha, its too funny to catch yourself saying, nah, looks to blinnish, and then remember you are drawing :stuck_out_tongue: thanx for your come over. happy you like the scribbling ogff mine too :slight_smile:

Black: thank you so much for all your nice words!:blush: just dont over rate my works ok?
Besides I love your expressive way to create, love your great and unique style!
haha, thanks for reminding me i was too stupid to recognize the difference of a 2 and a 3…2d… 3d… told u I’m easy to confuse!:smiley:

JimmiMak: Yeah, I accidentally sleeped. Just keep on going! We all learn here… :slight_smile: thats the great thing on the challenges here, just rock on and keep on it!

Piggy: Thanks Twinkle Twinkle!

Arlutik: THanks!

Tremo: Nah, your style is unique and royally rox! Loving it big time, so please don’t change a thing on the way you explore!!! thank you for sharing your world with us too!

Moscoloco: You probably are right, start seing weeeeeirrrfffff miiiiceeeee, that run around my head and make me fall asleep on the sofa! then wake up and imediately start my pc… maybe i sleep a bit tomorrow before i meet the dentist :smiley:

Fellah:Hahaha, hi nuts Viking! I’ll block out the final composition later, but tought of a mirror somewhere to not have made fis face for nothing. what do you think about that? hehe, thanks for dropping by mate! love the nose you made… you rock as always, keep it up!

Alex: just do it! its a simple way to get ideas into place. but who needs to with your modeling talent! thanks for passing by my friend!!!

Neeno: I’ll update soon. no deadline this time i’ll fail cuz i fall asleep again. shitty sleep, if i could skip it! no 3d on anubis, but, who knows, would be fun to make an extrawork as animation of the scene :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone and sorry again for the update delay. gotta hurry to work! see you later my friends!!!


Hi Sacha :buttrock: :buttrock:

Hope u feel good, nice work mate. YEAH man you rock da House boombastic. :buttrock:
I Start the job on the SAE Institute in Zürich, now i have more time for 3D.

Hey and maybe, we have a good team to make som Short Movie for a Challange like Animago. Hope you are with us… for details i wana call u soon. go on my frend you have a great talent, and there are some way, to make the dream true. i wish ya all the best and hope we will see us soon as possible.




Fell asleep on my keyboard last night. lol, painted this when i came home from work. its dedicated to all those who rock the nights. keep it up, back to modeling now :slight_smile:


Sacha you are talent my friend…just worderfol work!!
amazing, really…my mouth on the floor now!!:thumbsup: :bounce: :eek:



U…HAAAAAAAA, the style in your drawings talks to me…it’s just…so magical. You have such a rich set of skills, it makes me feel bad for my 2d skills…well, lets not even call it skill…I love your 2 last images, and the one for the challenge is SWEET, I want to model it…no kidding. keep on rockin’ :cool:


Beautiful Image! is a kewl style to put all the detail in the fantasy and none in the reality! thanks Angel 4 this great image!


he heey cool!
Night-Rockers rock!:thumbsup:

And so do you :slight_smile:

It looks really great;
I can actually imagine this painted on a wall and black light held on to it … hmm gets you thinking … Naa wouldn’t look as good as it does when you draw it.

Now 3D :wip:



wow i really love your concepts and the modelling is superb too. i’ll have to come visit again.


its me in that picture :slight_smile: :smiley: :scream: :cry:
see you later my friend and dont forget to sleep (somethimes) one houer or two :scream: :scream: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


fantastic sketch. i’m looking forward to seeing your updates here. you’v got a wonderful scene.


Great work…so much out of a couple of colors on black…amazing

Nice shot on the left monitor :stuck_out_tongue:


Quite simply a picture which seem to a dream, compliments my friend :buttrock:


haha… love it


I am speechless.
Even I am confused now that are you an artist or a magician??


Hi Sasha!

thanks for the dedicatory…that is really a inspirational one…you and your wise comments would be wellcome to my thread…Not much to say about your progress just keep it coming.



:thumbsup: wow…

excellent drawin:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


excellent drawing.
very impresive work.