Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener




:love: Awesome, just awesome…


hello my friend…thats a nice update…your girls are always soooo cute…i love your style man


where are you friend ?


NIce & Clean model you have here mate! :thumbsup:

looking great So far. :buttrock:


very well.looking good :slight_smile:


Wow the figure is marvelous!
Well done :thumbsup:


That is one impressive torso you have there! She looks great! And honestly with a sort of exagerated proportion on the matter; I think this would qualify as to be the most natural pair of breasts I have seen done in this manner.
I only think that the split has gone a bit to high to the ribs… and the same about for the Clavicula. It sort of seems as if she has a ribcage one size too small. You may have done it on purpose, because I have to say that it keeps to the sort of anime feel of her.

Not much to say but to compliment your work. She looks FANTASTIC!



alitle update soon maby, i am waiting for more great stuff from you my friend. :thumbsup:


Not sure if I commented on this or not yet, but I’ve been watching and I have to say I really like the way this is unfolding :thumbsup:

Cheers :beer:


Hellooo, man. Where are you?!


Hey my friends! been working during day on my client airbrush and was doing some hopeless sketchmess in my 2d. also, started a painting called “desire” for d’artiste, and contuned on my 3 other characterworks i want to finnish for the book. i am away for 2 days and this is overwhelming:blush: thanks my friends! goin to be back tonight with an update!

Iced eyes: going to fix underlip now. thanks a lot!

d-tox, eddie & grimreaper: bellybutton is on my “to-finnnish list” thanks mate!
safe05: nah, its much simpler, already ajusted, it was the silly symetry modifier wich collapsed the verts upon the bellybutton, wich caused a spike. i ajusted the precisionfactor ot 0.001cm’s now and hope i solved that :slight_smile: thanks mate!

Alex Falchi: Ciao Alex, hahahahaa gave me a great laugh. at least you didnt ask for her number. just kidding, keep it up and thanx a lot!

Smart birdie: hehe, ok, wolverine’s goin to the barber when i find motivation to shave him… hahaha, maybe my girl would do it but she cant handle the tool so i’ll have to do it. sigh. lol. thx a lot mate :slight_smile:

Lord Wabbit, mouthtweakings are also on fixlist! thanks for watching my friend!

Kmest, Zlatan B.: hope you’ll like her more after a little tweaking session i go for now… thanks for crits!

Maranello: when all maps are places, i hope it will be smoove enough to show up the way i want it to. “looks too waxy” for my taste at the moment. thanks for watching!

The Scalawags are willing to give you a chest of treasure and 2 jugs of rum for that young lass…:beer:

Hahaha, no way, Virtuoso, hahaha, she expects them to sing and dance and write lyrics to prove they can be gentle… hahaha, i’d love brute to see sing and dance too!

Nightqueen (Falbala): thanks a lot Laeticia! goin to tweak the anatomical weaknesses right next! thank you so much for visit! haha, keep on goin’!

Pierre Bixquert: tank you very much. i use 3d studio max r5.1, vray, zbrush2, photoshop7 :slight_smile:

Black: thank you for this great compliments, i’ll fix the mainvolume on the rips now and clavicula.besuides, i wont overdetail things on her since most of the body will be covered with her dress, but still mainvolumes have to fit. thank you so much for your precise watchover, ill try to find a nice way between toony and realistic, and hope you like the next update.

Alex h.(Elvish modelgod, yes mate, back on track), Tilite, crazydesign, bealobo, Tremo, pissaro, Daddy “funky doggy” Mack (hahaha thx mate), Versiden, Chief Mec, Dimi (lord bubbles), Comerade Sukhov (Nasdarovie!), blacknull, Vanmpeta (if i’ll pass Düsseldorf, we’re going for some beers is for sure!!!), Mike Nuts, Supersnake, Hooch, goktug, Kanga (i wish i had a wacom…), Nathelion (lord ogrinch),

Thank you so much for keep on pushing me and encouraging me. I’ll be back tonight and place a goddess to where she’s meant to be i hope, thank you so much my friends! c you later and thank you for your help and support:buttrock: :wip: :beer:


I am SURE I will…
Your updates have never failed to impress me!


:scream:A pro-done model from a pro but needs some tiny retouches like tweakings at the rib and stomach joint etc…
Keep it up!!!:applause:


:thumbsup: I really like how this work come out… :wip:


Hello, how are you? :slight_smile:
Great work man, I like it so much… :slight_smile: UPDATE! :bounce:


Hi mates. We had a Funeral today, a bad week finds its end. i finally look forward to a better week upcoming. i hope i’ll be less tired. Keep it up mates, i’ll be back soon, and sorry for not having had the energy to work. i tried to get trough but finally every evening was very tired. I’ll get back to work here during this week. thanks for watching. cheers


I know nothing really about the 3d programs (although i played around with 3dsmax and maya like a year ago) but your stuff is coming together. Hopefully you will be able to finish both 2d and 3d on time. good luck. and sorry I did not really update my line art on mine yet but I am drawin it on paper right now. Hopefully I can post it tommorrow.


Hmmm… dreamin’ body… always very perfect work here… I’m so happy to continue to follow your art Sacha… et oui, les vacances sont terminées… je vais enfin pouvoir suivre à nouveau cette excellente realisation… à bientôt :thumbsup:

Et plus sérieusement, une petite pensée pour toi et tes proches… en vous souhaitant beaucoup de courage, en ces pénibles moments… qui seront suivis, à n’en pas douter, de bien meilleurs. La vie continue, et de par ton art et ton talent, tu nous prouves à chaque étape, qu’elle vaut vraiment le coup.

We’re waiting impatiently the continuation Sacha :slight_smile:


Hey angel!!
Why are you confused??
I hope this week is easy on you…
Waiting for update…:bounce: