Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener


testshader sux. ignore it :slight_smile:

Man that’s a bit harsh…looks real nice…great flow of the model…

(only my females???:cry: )

The little guy’s real good too…stll waiting for wolverine to return from the barber to judge how he came out :D…but your females are icing on the cake :slight_smile:


Smoothness to the “maximus”…says Brute S Maximus…:drool:

The Scalawags are willing to give you a chest of treasure and 2 jugs of rum for that young lass…:beer:


great modeling. I’ll be watching…


Great modeling sacha, only the belly button needs a bit tweaking…:thumbsup:


The shader sux??? i wont say that sacha…looks great! but i would love to see the better one tho!!

Tho im lost on the difference between shaders and material???
help me someone???

Keep it up angel!


An awesome edition to your family 1stAngel, great work as always:thumbsup::thumbsup:

I envy your skills with polys my friend

Keep it coming


she looks great! only her bellybutton (that’s what it’s called i hope :P) looks a lil weird. OTher than that great great work:buttrock:


Being lately very taken, I really had no time to pass on the threads of all an each, and moreover I apologize for it.
Having said that, I see that you advance to big steps in this challenge ! :thumbsup:
All these creations are very beautiful and very pleasant to look !
Your last one updated isnt bad whole in the exception near the navel which adorned me “bizzare”, and also of the too strong demarcation to my opinion, above the same navel !
But they are only details : furthermore I allows me to say that, while I would better make say nothing seen my level !! Huhuhu :bounce:


Hello, !!
I like much your drawing, I find your character very pretty,
and your point of view of your camera and very well positions, with
which program you work?. Your model starts very has to be.:thumbsup:

My Master and servant 3D


very very nice… “Smooth” comes to mind…
keep it up


Nice sacha!! i love the way you make the mouths!
Great work!! keep it up mate!!


Nice and smooth :thumbsup:

While I don’t think the belly-button has any major problems, I do think that the special 1stAngel style of lips has gone a little bit too far on her… maybe normalise the lips and jaw just a little bit (while still retaining your particular style of course).


This cheeka is killing me :bounce: …me too think that u should tone down a bit lips area…keep going u Lady maker :slight_smile:


Looking good, Sacha! I second the comments on the naval (bellybutton) area. The only thing that seems to stick out is the rim of the naval…seems too sharp. Otherwise, top notch stuff! :thumbsup:


NICE UPDATE. I like it. Billy says, he likes it too:eek: .


Hi Angel! It’s very beautiful!!:eek: Very nice update my friend! I’m waiting to see she completes! It’ll be wonderful!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: keep on…


woooooooooooooww haha :drool: :drool: :drool:


Hi Sacha,

Very cool conzept and extreem good realisation.
Nothing to say just perfect!! (sorry no hints 4 you… you are the Master :bowdown: )

KEEP ON ROCKING :buttrock:
(Und vielen Dank für deine wirklich sehr guten tips in meinem thread)

See U


Wow … awesome work. :applause:

Great modeling. Only thing that I would change is her face, somehow it doesn’t fit her looks. But that is just me, there is nothing wrong with it. Keep up the great work.:thumbsup:


hi sacha…great work on the cheeekkk…nice body model…but i think You better exaggerate the body like U did the Face,or make the face more Realstick as U did to the body…
any way,Cool work…keep it UP:thumbsup: