Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener


Sacha… Great work… The fairy looks beautiful even without being zbrushed… As pre-stated the wings look great on her…:thumbsup:


Hey Friends!
I am very sorry for not being able to show prgress, had to do some client work and after sketches are trough there, now going there for some Airbrush works. I’ll try to update my work here as soon as i find time :slight_smile: thank you very much for your support and i’ll be back tonight for some more work on this!


:bounce: :thumbsup: yesssss


great stuff sasha … a thanx for takin a break so we can all try to catch up … fabulous work with your usual flair and style :thumbsup:


awwwwwwe tiny titties!! thats adorable… lol

this is great work…

tilite… lovin and waitin:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Nice fairy sacha!!! I love her face! Very well done!!:thumbsup:

awesome work!


Zombie is back. Billy boy is holding on for now. Devil is Pleased.

Hoped to see some “prgress” but failed. Yeah, job is job. Needs to be done. As we say: “job is not a wolf, it wont runaway to forest”. So finish up and come back.


Nice work on the wings Sacha…face looks great as all your female characters…can’t wait to see what you do with her in ZB :thumbsup:


Wow! I’m glad I decided to check out your 3D. I havn’t seen too many 3D entries but yours is obviously great work. This is going to be very beautiful. You make me want to learn 3D! Goodluck girl!


Update! Update! i wanna see the shower! j/k
i still love those wings, keep it up!


Yep. Not much, just started on her body.
testshader sux. ignore it :slight_smile:
just wanted to give a sign of life…
keep it up!


alexfalchi: hehehe, thanks:) here’s your update:wavey:

tilite: hehe, yeah. About “tiny Tities”… lol, seemed logical to me to not cause my fairy a “gravityproblem”… she’s supposed to fly n stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

mecman: thanks mate! much appreciate!

pigwater: break’s over, been sleeping 1.5 hours and started modeling… hehe.

suk-grigorij: Lol, let him fix his Helldows… lol. I just made a slight bit of polycrunching. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

3dRaven: thanks mate. felt like to go for my other female a bit. she was needing some attention… I’m very glad you like my female models (only my females???:cry: )

Poisen: lol. no wings this time. a bit modeling on my godess… hope you still like the update :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your patience! Keep on going, have best luck and a lot of fun!
cheers :thumbsup:

birdybear: thank you so much girl! (oh, lol, and i am male…:)) I’m so happy you like my 3d things and if it motivated you to lift up your beautifull creations into the third dimension, wow, that would be so nice!


wowow, she is lovly my friend, see you later, works calling, :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


hey Sacha… she looks great and even the shader makes it work better as an image… great work as always… only one suggestion… the area under the lower lip should be pushed a little inwards because right now the chin seems to be the continuation of the lower lip rather than standing out… but this might have been what you where looking for… anyway:applause:… Great work…


she is devine!!!:eek:

if u where modeling this of anyone in particular… do u have there number handy:)

great model… i was in one of my harse crit moods a second ago too… but u just cheered me up a tad!! good work (lucky for u too…lol)


Wow, the model is looking good, even with the crappy shader as you say. Can’t wait to see the total model. good luck.


hey dude, looking great… although her belly button could do with alittle work… apart from that spot on…:thumbsup:


:eek: Ho my homelet!! this is beautiful girl ,she have a big …:eek: :love: :love:
Ammazza work friend love this, nice body, nice face, nice skinnnn…:cry::cry::love:

meybe when you finish , you can put this in my hardisk I have a lot words for this girl:bounce: :scream:
ahahahahahahahah, sorry.
Niceeeeeeeee work!!



wow! great modeling!


does she looks a little angry??? or is it me??


Nice girlie Angel! That linea alba is wonderful…hmmm. (sorry but I don’t know the english name of that, that is the thin vertical line between the breasts.) Congrats!