Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener


Great modeling and detail. I really like it. About how many polygons are we looking at her in your last image?


Wow, it’s looking really nice so far…


Great modeling and detail. I really like it. About how many polygons are we looking at her in your last image?
20236 polys, 18804verts, not much, pet and fairy together… :slight_smile: hehe, low polycount, cuz i’ll have many objects, i keep polycount as low as possible, i’ll have 7 actors and a whole environment to handle… thanks for watching! keep it up!

ssjgogetta thaks a lot mate!

Goin back to model, was helping a friend so time passed without any progress… keep it up mates, i’ll be back!


Hi friend Angel!:slight_smile: Very nice progress in your work man! I’m accompanying your work, and I saw great updates here hehehe:thumbsup: the girl, this very beautiful one!!! keep it up mate!


Wow! Sacha, your fairy really gets me! :slight_smile:

I’m one of those people who’s always loved just the idea of fairies. (Hell, on some level I even still believe they exist.) It’s a really nice idea to keep one as the Goddess’ familiar / pet.

I’m putting in my vote for tousled sun-bleached or moss-green hair on mahogany skin. I’ve always liked the idea that fairies would be full-on physicalizations of nature, and many would be the mobile spirits of trees. And please keep her naked! This isn’t Disney; I’ve always thought that real fairies wouldn’t even know what clothes are, let alone feel like sitting still for long enough to make them.

Now, this is going to sound strange, but I’d recommend going simpler on the wings. Something that small wouldn’t have vestigal wings; they’d be properly useful, I imagine. Those wings are incredibly beautiful, but they’d never fly! I know there’s lots of magic in your image but even magical creatures come from a basis in reality, in my opinion. Something like dragonfly wings would be perfect, I think.

Of course, vestigal wings would mean smaller breasts due to the musculature needed to keep them beating. I loved how they did the angel Gabriel in Constantine because they had just enough chest there to suggest a merging between male and female as well as a moderately good musculature.

Also, I’ve been thinking that the Goddess could give little items of doting to her creatures. Like, maybe the fairy could have a human-size ring dangling around her neck like a collar, etc.

I’m always amazed when you post a new image – keep going!


hey brotherr !!

a night modeling uhmmm
is doing a great job man… this time in top 3 ! hehehe

best luck to u my frnd… waiting to see more !!
c ya !


very very nice Sacha, the wing designs are awesome, great style that’s so you ;p


its going great mate, you gonna put some cloth on her right? jejejeje she is frezzing dude jejejeje
cool model, talk to you later my friend.


very nice, I like wings, look very fairy. And her sweet face remind peace and quiet attitude.

Good luck.



Sorry, but I am still dead:eek: , consider me a zombie:scream: . By the way, it’s not as hot in here, as i expected. Hey wait a minute… Who is this? Hey, it’s billy boy. Guess what is he doing.

Ok. Seriously now. I like the model of character (the one with the wings), but her forehead is a bit flatter than it should be:wise: . It gives me a sence that she is a weakminded a bit (Please don’t be offended). Nothing else to critique.

My best wishes to you.


good work keep goiing.


Greetings Sasha!

Just came over from Vampeta’s thread and happend to click on the links for your 2D- and 3D-entries for this “Master and Servant”-challange in one of the postings there. I also looked over at your personal website. I’m floored… period! Most amazing drawing and modelling skills you possess. Your character “Gini” is very beautiful… a nice mixture of Manga-style and some touch. Really a sweet digital temptation in pixels :slight_smile:

I should really put shells and compilers aside from time to time and try to develop my drawing- and modelling-skills and so I can do something with my Realsoft3D-license :slight_smile:

Surely I’ll follow your progess here too now!

Best regards…



kattkieru: Hi mate. thanks a lot for your inputs. i have designed a full set of clothes made of plants for her to keep the look very organinic. going to start on them now. was too tired yesterday. if i don’t like the result, i still can delete them and go for a nude fairy :slight_smile:
one thing is for sure, she’ll have a very natural apearrance, and i will try to keep her as sweet as possible. the idea with the ring is very cool. i maybe play around with some “gadgets and gifts” and give your input there a try. very cool idea. thank you very much for your look over and i hope you will like my next update! keep it up mate! cheers!

gra7: thank you so much my friend! keep it up!

suk-grigorij: thanks for the look over. hahahahaha, yeah, billy boy’s eternal sp’s. lol. goin to tweak her forehead, thanks for that input! keep it up mate!

crapple: thank you very much!

MacSlow: Thank you very much! hehe, i’m not much into manga’s, but love em comics in general. my strongest influences in my toonstyle came from my youth i think, i have many french comics i read and and i had a very sweet muse for gini. but… oh my, she’s unfinnished and i wanted her to be ready for d’artiste as well. i better get modeling :slight_smile:
thank you so much for all those compliments, well apreciated and am very happy you like my style. Keep it up mate!

THanks everyopne for comments and encouragements! goin to get busy now and hope i got a nice update later today here :slight_smile: best of all to all of you, keep on rockin’!!!


arhhh , i like it !


nice…nice…nice…wings…looking good so far…:thumbsup:

i think U should work more on the legs… :wink:


Absolutely amazing! I love this! :slight_smile: The wings are so killer :slight_smile:



No updates here???:cry::cry::cry:


Great looking model of the fairy/angel. Keep it going!!


awesome progress

lookin fantastic dude… im liking it alot… great and very detailed modeling


I love the wings…wow…

sacha…tell me…do u embody urself into ur pieces…alot??

Or izzit just me?