Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener


BlackDidThis: hehehe, thank you, now i think i remember i see it once, on cartoon networks, is that possible? he made a bus a spaceship and they were flying to the moon. Uhm, i stop comment this, i really take care my inner child is staying alive and has much fun…
You are right, every time you do it again, you already know possible mistakes or difficulties and things go so much faster everytime you do it again. I lost all my data twice, and had to do all my 3d things again from the scratch or very very oldversions wich resulted the same, and whatever i done, the new version was faster and even closer to the idea than before. :slight_smile: so no hard feelings, thanks mate! I already feel a bit better, things don’t come up as fast as usual, but i just finnishes a small detail i was feeling like to post to show a sign of life. I’ll try to continue, i had 2 days i spent at home, sick, lol, trying to model and paint with fever, spent 60% of the time in the bed or on the porcelan trone… thank you very much my friend! best of all to you too!

korayarts: Thank you so much my friend! :slight_smile: I’ll give my best to get all my pets as cute as possible :slight_smile: keep on going too!

suk-grigorij: Not a good idea. should be hard to continue make cool cg if you’re dead. am not sure if they have cg applications in heaven or hell… except 1 thing. i am sure in hell, if billy boy arrives there, he’ll get a helldows xxxp and has to install bugfixes to the end of time…

rattlesnake: Thank you so much bro! I am actually a bit confused, stressed, so muh to do, such a weak machine, so little time and not on 100% of my capabileties. but I wont give myself a breaak or give up… whatever it takes, i’ll finnish this one as good as i can! thanks for the visit Jorge, and keep on rocking!!!

UK3d: Thanks a lot! I am very happy you like the little thingies i do :slight_smile:

Here’s the wings of my fairy, continueing on her now, as long as my eyes see clear…
Keep it up my friends. … might sound masochistic, i don’t ffind fever too bad. causes weird daydreams and silly ideas… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all for your encouragements and comments, I’ll try to make an update tonight, if i don’t make it, tomorrow:) thanks for visits!


lol sacha, I’ve been away for 2 weeks and look at this thread… I had to read trough 20 (!!) pages to get to the end ;). And I guess this is not going to be the last page of this thread :). You’re doing great man, awesome concept and modeling :beer:


Very voluptuous maiden!
Nice and curvey.
The first composition reminded me of fairy lore,… do they have that in Switzerland? Anyway in Ireland the fairies are very beautiful and very powerful, I think the Qieen keeps a poet as her muse. Looks like you kept going with the ledgend.

Very nice work!


How could you get this 'delicate’ness in the wings??They are beautiful :eek:
Also how come the wireframe has shading???
I hope you get what i want to ask…


Very great :applause:


Very clean modeling:applause: , I like the character style too.
I’m surely here to see your progress:thumbsup:

Good luck!!!
My Master And Servant


That’s a cute servant u have :scream:


:bounce: Look at the wings! Look at the wings!:applause:


Those wings are beautiful, and the mesh looks really clean !
Now I’m waiting to see how you will merge them with the body. I guess you need a smooth transition here.

Keep it up ! :buttrock:


looks like a pretty sweet fellah, good modelling:)


very nice design…the flow of the wings are graceful…and the size are correct in ratio for flight…very nice angel…keep those boosters of your set on “Nitro”…:arteest:


Just finnished bodylowpoly, gotta finnish clothes and then she’s ready to get her little zbrush shower. I feel ashamed bout my actual speed, but at least i done a slight bit of progress.


its almost cute in a way…
nice job on the texture…:thumbsup:
ill check back in for updates…

edit…Love the wing design:scream:


Nixor: Nick! wow! you READ THAT ALL!!! oh my, :eek: !!! Thank you so much for your visit!!!

Kanga: THankk you very much! Well we have tales here locally about elves, normally mountain Farmers meet them in the forests and fall in love with em and are stupid enough to fail the elves what causes a not very happy end. hahahaha. local tales. we don’t have fairies as far as i know in outr local tales, but i love em very much, and thought for little friends for my godess of inspiration and creation, the little fairy would fit well :slight_smile: thank you very much my friend for your observation! oh, yes, i was inspired much of the substorytelling on the old-irish mythology, the earthgodess and her servant the human king of the woods, who’s fullfilling her will on the world of mortals, bringing her will, the laughter and the beauty as her representant and servant, in this case as an artist, to come to life… thank you very much for your close look!

ABZ: THank you for watching. well, the wings are simply using the slice option of max’s symetry modifier my way: i scanned the wings i drawn. i modeled the polys along the lines. then applied the displacement modifier on a copy of it and used the inverted drawing as displacement map, then applied the symetry modifyer and had the “frame of the wings” in 3d :slight_smile: the undisplaced original builds the membrane. thats it :slight_smile:

for wireframeshading, there’s 3 cool ways.

  1. use shaded version of max. thats the simple one you’re looking at.
  2. create a square in photoshop. white or light grey. select all, modify selection, boarder, make the boarder black. name it “wf_facemap.jpg” for example. now back in max, load the “wf_facemap.jpg” into a new materials diffuse colorslot. check facemap. and here goes shaded wireframe.
  3. make sure it is a editable poly. switch to subobject mode edge. select all edges. hit create shape from selected eges, in the menu that posps up, hit line, on the now created shape, check, renderable, sides 4, assing any material to it you like, and render it.
    looks very nice that way.
    also, you can combine 2 and 3… to make an “ultradeluxe very odd special premium wireframepresentation”… just in case you feel like doing that :slight_smile:

3d for everything: Thank you very much!

Miyagi: Thank you mate, i am very happy you like my work :slight_smile:

Real Capri: Hehehe, servant bows and says thankeees!

Sonja: thanks! thanks thanks!

Deadly Force: THank you very much! THe transition is planed to be some fluffy hair/feather like things like those on puffy fluffy butterflys… thank you very much for your visit mate!!!

d-tox: Thanks mate! cheers!

Michael: Thank you very much my friend! yes i was aware they look like working, for little fairy here… thank you so much! bout my speed. i still feel a bit sick. was very religious last 2 days, been prying to the porcelain altat on my knees and sayin “oh my god…” before bowing down for giving my deepest inside in there… uhm… but i already feel better. today i could eat and keep it. and am very happy i could model a bit. I’ll burst my nitro tomorrow again i hope, i get better… :slight_smile: thanks for your encouragemennt and look over my friend!

Keep it ap, all of you, thank you very much for your support! Best luck and have a lot of fun, cheers


The fairy is looking pretty good (great wings! :thumbsup: ).
The ears look a little odd (not really sprite-ish); they look more like regular human ears with a spikey-point at the tips.


lovly fairy my friend, its getting great, sone some great texture on it, cant wait,see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


From the looks of it. I really like your 3d stuff. I still have not played with ZBrush at all knowing its capabilities. Damn! I am finna go hang myself Because of the emmense competition. Good Hustle and Good Luck.


Compliments like alot your s models…so very tender and funny…well i’m wait for more:thumbsup:



Lovely pose… She looks very chilidish. I see the feeling here is going to be rather gentle and friendly ?

Keep it up, awaiting the Zbrush pass!


ArtisticVisions: thanks mate. the ears should look more funna fter the zbrush workup i hope. i imagine fairyears pionty. she also has a pointy nose. and pointy wings. is pointy propably a nice name for a fairy?.. uhm. goin back to clothes after dinner :slight_smile: thanks for your look over!

alex.h.: Zbrush and Texturing are one step away, i’ll keep it up mate! oh, 2 steps. shitty painfull unwrapping. uhm, will keep me busy for a few mins as well… sigh… thanks a lot for your visit mate!

beelow: thanks a lot mate! keep on goin, and bout zbrush… yeh, its a crazy good tool, lovin it!

alexfalch: THANKS YOU SO MUCH! well yours look cool and funny and i love the plants, gave me a great laugh! keep it up mate, looking forward to your next update as well!

mireneye: yes, its going to be a very sweet and unusual loveley work i hope. i try to approach a way that lets the servant act in love for his godess, and all the little thingies around her are the gift of her in exchange for his dedication… being her tool for her power of creation… trying to approach it this way…

thanks for the visits my friends, I’ll be back here with an update here soon i hope! keep it up my friends!