Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener


Lol I came across a 3D cartoon in Nicoloeon the other day. It was something like Johny Neutron or something.

I can not help but state that it’s facial expression looks alot like this fat boy in the animation. Ever come cross it?
Things are crowding up in your ring… Would sure like to see how they all end up to!

Going great



Your modelling is breathtaking. Guess I have to try Z-Brush one day as well…


Really sorry for the lost fairy, but I’m persuaded that the news will gain in quality, good courage for the fairy number 2 Sacha :smiley:


sry to hear about deleting the fairy… i hate that, but second time round things are always better and faster. and if its any consilation its a great lil fairy… love it


yeap Sacha, I’m agree with tilite :wink:
the pet is very, very cute :slight_smile:

good luck :thumbsup:


That new fairy model is an excellent beginning !:buttrock:
Too bad you erased the other !:shrug:
I’m waiting for the next updates !

Good luck !


very nice workkkkk!!


wow, i like the cartony little dragon, very good modeling, i wait the suite, good work:thumbsup:


sacha great start…2 hours…very fast,and very nice too…

sacha you could’nt go into autoback?You have to have it in there…Thats a shame to have lost work…

This is so nice still,the cute beast and the cute fairey…

Keep this coming just as you are,it’s looking wonderful…:arteest:


Hey Sacha… It looks very nice… I only have a remark on the pose of the fairy… maybe if she leaned back a little, with the hands on the side of the body… A C shape form… Other than that it looks great and the little dragon is beautiful as i said before…:thumbsup:


Sorry to hear you lost the beautiful fairy. Good start on fairy number 2 though. I hope to keep backups on this one though, there’s not enough time to go back and model all over again and again. Hope to see more updates soon.


we miss her, jejejej, is going to be a great image, just be calm jejeje, i dont have nothing to say to you, any suggestions, you are one of the best. see you later my friend.


I love you progress man. Very nice and clean characters. Can’t wait to see the final image!



AAlex: Thanks a lot, Ill keep on going, hope i’ll have your speed somedays as well!

abz: Thank you som much girl. maybe it’s just goin to be trancluscency and a strong glow. am a bit undecieded yet, cuz honestly, i like the colorfull texturing they’ll offer :slight_smile:

Black: “Johny Neutron or something…” never heard, but i’ll check next time i make it to a local comic shop!Thank you so much my friend!

Jake: Yeah, Z-brush is a great tool… :slight_smile: have fun with it!

Laurent: Thanks a lot, I’ll finnish her hopefully soon. still am sick, couldnt eat much yesterday n keep it… so my energy is a bit limited at the moment.

Tom and Arthur: Silly me. lol. thanks and i hope she turns out as loveley as her deleted sister was supposed to be… thank you very much for the encouragement!

Norm: I’ll post an update tonight! thanks for observation mate! best luck to you too!

Alex: Thanks mate!

MDN67: Thanks a lot! well, bout toonyness… i normally MAKE toons :slight_smile: lol


sacha you could’nt go into autoback?You have to have it in there…
i know, thanks. well, silly me. I was almost falling off my chair. i wanted to delete the helpersspline, and deleted the model. instead of ctrl+z i pressed ctrl+s, then went into autoback and just found the spine only. and havent saved previously… whatever, seen it as chance to make it better the other night.
thank you so much my friend for helüp and encouragements! Keep up your wonderfull work too!

Iced Eyes: Thanks a lot mate. arms are not finnished yet. I just wanted to submit a slight bit of prgress. :slight_smile: i’ll post some better shots tonight. thanks a lot for this tip, ill look over tha posing when i start the work on her…

Ace: Thax James! yeah, i’ll make a backupversion now for sure. lol. i learned 2 things: 1:recently, save. 2:recently, save… Lol. thx mate!

Genesia: thanks y lot amigo loco! looking forward to your fairyworx… cutie looks fine yet. :slight_smile:

Kris: Thanks you very much! I’m very happy you love my work here. So i do yours.

Thanks everyone for your support! I’ll be back here later tonight with a decent update!
Keep it up my friends and thanks for everything! you rock!


Realy nice! Will you keep the fairy perched on the little guys back?


There goes me and names again! :rolleyes:
I did a quick search for it and the nam is JIMMY neutron. Sorry Here is a small image… I found alot of picturs of Jimmy, but not much of his friend. The character I am talking about is the fat kid in the back.

I think loosing a model is like spilling coffee or soup (long story) over your keyboard… You always end up getting a better keyboard for an extra cost.
I am sure you’ll create a something better. Apparently we all are.

Best wishes for you to get well and back at full power soon!



hi my firend ı like your funny pet he is really cute…go on…


Perfect stuff.


mate your concept work is truly amazing u know im fan of your art work…seems like your modeling is great too!! …this is on its way to be a master piece…please continue with the show man because youre rocking!


You are making all of this look too easy. All your figure work is really well defined. The little critter is briliant, looks good enough to eat… :wink: