Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener


Hi Sacha, Yes I go along with the crowd just makes you want to go “ahhhhhhh” almost makes you forget the work that you have clearly put in. Lovely work. :thumbsup:


HHa! Pet is pretty cool and friendly one! Nice and clean model and texture. Good to see!


Aaaaaw aint that just cute…nice specular on it too :slight_smile:


killer little critter there sasha :thumbsup: … way cool

i heard Leo put up a new rule … if your from switzerland you have to stop for two weeks to let everyone else catch up :eek:


and you up late as usual, sone, some new,cool, update i hope, se you friend and :thumbsup:


Ah, thanky ou all so much! I’m going to model a another pet tomorrow, maybe two of em, been wasting my time on a bad sketch for my 2d today. and sleep got short as always. 1 hour. came back from work was trying to draw. was a mistake… hahaha.

Piggy: hahahahahaha gave ma a great laugh. thanks mate i needed that!

Raven: hahaha, it IS cute. my mom and my girlfriend like it too. that sux :stuck_out_tongue: jk. oops. dont tell em. I’d be dead.

Tremoside: thanks mate!

UK3d: Thank you very much mate! it wasn’t that much work. but it was much work to get that far to be able to bring ideas in a wearable time into shape. Tremo so far is 100% right. clay is fun. and unbeatable fast. lol. and best, you can trow it around. uhm…

Piotr: Thanks mate! :slight_smile:

Spotchy! thankeeez thankeez! and all of the luck, best of best and all the fun to you too! keep on it! keep on rocking!

Overcontrast: Thanks a lot! yeah, exactly hat. I wanted him to look like a baby, sort of. twist things. create a flightunable dragon and ask after soccer my neighbours kids if anyone finds the dragon scary. none did. lol.

Ravendsg: Hey Mate! glad you like it! CHeers ol’ polyrocka!:buttrock:

iced eyes: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hahaha, cutie will be happy to hear :slight_smile:

Marc: dudelidooo, gonna make another one tomorrow :slight_smile: maby 2. mabe 3 lol. pet invasion :smiley:

Darko: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee again! thanks crazy dude!

Black: Thanks a lot mate! i wanted to give him in opposite to his puffy(puffy not fat!) apearance a light way to show up. a bit elvish. magical. and more out of the box. cuz a dino skin would have made him… a dino. thank you very much for observation! keep on rockin’ mate!

Lemog: Merci bien gars! merci!

Black null: Pierre, hahahaa u mean frenchycan bblubber hahah. mais non. j’ai du apprendre ca a l’école, mais j’ai fumée beaucop trop des herbes ce temps, et si je l’ai fait de pas dormire au lections, le place de sport etait bien sur plus interesant a regarder que apprendere cette langue… justqu’à le moment que j’ai mis Geraldine, a la france du sud. et après ca Carole, de paris, et après ca lol. mais si, ca pourait être mieux…:stuck_out_tongue: thanks a lot crazy kid! keep it up!

Grimreaper: Servus Claus! Danke und viel Glück und Spass! Cheers!

Thank you everyone, and best luck to you all, and keep up the great works!
that really was a crack up! keep on rockin’ mates!!! CHeers
:wip: :buttrock: :beer:


Looking good dude :thumbsup: Kinda reminds me of a turtle… go for it eh! catch yo l8r


I like the concept of this by way are you changing this for…but i guess like every artist sometime changing is good… just wishing you the best of luck.

handsonfire <- 3d master and severant


awe wicked, a couple more pets would be awesome. are they going to be unique as this… ah who cares just post the things ill put $100 on the fact that ill love them anyway.

great stuff:thumbsup:


Wow! been some days out and what progress you have made!! Just loved the face of the empress! And what a nice pet to have!

Thanks to share your workflow with us Angel!

keep the great work!!

Good luck,

Rafael Martinez


maby a new update now, i hope, see you friend :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


had some 2d scribbling goin on, but start a speedmodelsession adter dinner. where i go now :slight_smile:
I’ll be back tonight with a few updates. choose a pet :smiley:

Martinez3d: thanx mate!

tilite: a few more are coming up tonight, so stay tuned thx n keep et up!

hands0nfire: exactly. I am not stiffly working, sort of let if time allows mature an idea, work further my emotions an image gives me. normally leads me in the right direction. :slight_smile: thanks mate!

blackdragoncg: hahahahan ow you say it i see it too. lol. hahaha. ok, c ya later, goin to eat and then back to work, got some 3d on my plan, keep it up and thx a lot!


hey sacha…this is realy nice i like YOUR caracter… seems funny…:love: is he a He or She??

i think I have to go to Zbrush too…3 hours??? :eek: thats too much fast :thumbsup:


ho really fantastic work…I really like it…compliments and good look!!


Ahh, nice man! Thats really cool. I like your new particle animal idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is everyone so good at texturing?! :smiley:


Master: Sacha

Servant: Z-Brush wow man, perfect team… Wanna see updates!!!


I totally agree with mosconariz … We wanna see some updates!! … just a joke … take your time to work…:thumbsup:

Great work Sacha, clean and inspiring …


was very overtiered yesterday and fell asleep. then woke up. started modeling and 5am i accidentially deleted the fairy. now, today started again. been not modeling for too long cuz i felt its not a speedy day. much to do on her but i feel a bit better. at least i didnt do click for nothing, even thought i’m far from satisfied with the basemodel. whatever. here are the 1st 2 hours on her.

Kmest: Haha, he’s a he and now gets a very close little friend a she… just started on her…
thanks a lot mate.

alexfalchi: i am very glad you like my work here :slight_smile: best luck to you too!

Geta-Ve: thanks a lot mate! I bet you’ll bring em textures a fine way! go go go!

mosconariz: had a nonzbrush day. little cg. goin to brush her tomorrow. when i sleeped a little. lol, thx for playing my cheerleader, lol!

emonimo: THank you! much appreciated! keep it up mate!

Thank you everyone. hope to post a better update tomorrow :slight_smile: keep it up my friends and best luck to you all!


great work my friend,its going to be a wonderful picture. see you later :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hi there…The pets idea is very good and the modelling is simply amazing!!!
I am looking forward to see how you are going to show them to be made of light…

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