Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener


Great model and texutre, it reminds me of something from Monsters Inc. Keep up the good work.


Wow, that’s an awesome pet!:bowdown: I think the blue suits it very well.


…hahhahaha…this is ONE CUTE little bastardo…hahahahah…i thought it was Squibbit’s pet for a second…:scream::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Just so you know Sacha… my cat could totally kill that little guy. :smiley: (no lie; my cat is one mean ball of fur)

Very cute and nice choice in the texture and color. :slight_smile:


:cry: Waaaahhh I wanna learn ZBrush for this compo…

The creature if very cute, excellent work!


Excellent, excellent work. I absolutely love your visual style. The pet is really cute and fits the goodess well. What can I say but :thumbsup:.


• Outstanding Pet, I had one of those last year…one day it was gone…that very same day chicken tasted funny at dinner…

• Gret job Sacha! very good organic look, it seems zbrush gives its touch!


Nice progress so far. No crits. Keep at it.


hahaha, a bit blabla again, cuz some of you just made me almost fall of my chair here while i was reading your posts.

Virtuoso: thankees my dear friend! hahahaha, i was strongly inspired with those wings in loving memory of bugs lifes caterpillar, and i have my doubts he’ll ever fly… hahahaha, but he seems happy at least the way he is. hahaha, as for the wingbase, yep the unfinnished part, i’ll finnish him tomorrow after work i think. So that about blasts right on for you too, go Michael go!

Djemsi: Merci Lilian, Ah, merci merci! Merci pour les fleurs, et au retour. J’aime le style de tes characters, bien sûr! c’est a cause de trton style est très francais. (definition de les bandes dessinées francais: je les adore, la dynamique, le charme et la stilistique jolie. Crisse/Coupil’s “l’epeé de cristal” pour example… P’tit Luc “miasma Blues”, Franquin’s “idées noires”…) ah oui, ils son fous, les gauloises! hahaha, c’est a cause de ca que je les aime!:love: hahaha, i better stop, someone could think i speak french… keep it up! bet luck to you and cant wait to see your next update!

Toni: jep, remember someone’s quote, if only i’d remember who…he was sort of stuck , a fart wich wouldnt find his way, i crumbled up my spine and became a very buggung idea… somehow had to let him out! so there he is. lol thanks a lot mate!

cg 219: omg. one of my real shames, can’t judge cuz i haven’t seen it… :blush:. thanks a lotfor reminding me… I’ll have it on my “to watch list” now, will enjoy it somewhen this week :slight_smile: thx.

Mike Nuts: Thankees!

Nuts Greek(Lord Bubbles, yepblubbermasblubberter ---- Riiiiiise! bluberblubberblubberblubber):
hahahaahhaha, u lil 37 yo bubbleblubberblubber uhm, comes from watching too much squibbit-tv :wink: muahahahaha. uhm gah. blubber

Jason: uahahaha. I’ll snd my Sphynxes, so we’re goin to have a lil catfight, of course just cgtalkbased… hahaha, meow. jk. thx a lot mate!

Kid Mesh: waaaaaah me too! i stil am too stupid for 95% of its possebileties. uhm. thx mate!

Safe05: thanks chief! I’ll give my best to keep it so!


• Outstanding Pet, I had one of those last year…one day it was gone…that very same day chicken tasted funny at dinner…

ha, youshrimptailed mean little “blubber” “blubber”, funny bone. pah. hahahaha, nah muuuuaaaaaahahahaha aaargh waaaahahahaa. ha. gha. blub.
evil u! i never will try chicken “honduras style”. NEVER!
haha, uhm thanks mate! gave me a great laugh. but look, thats what lil blue pet loves:

Neeno:… if there was a creature like that at my local pet store, i’d visit them with a fully wallet… hes cute… LoL … great emotion!!

blue makes happy circles and licks passionately neeno’s ankle. oh, that lil untrue brat. come back to master, will you! pah, its in love, what shall i do?

uhm nuf bla. silly me. i better get back working! oh, 6am. i better get to bed, 1 hour and its wakeuptime… doooh. :argh:


cute lil thingy, sacha…keep up:thumbsup:


totally sweet lil pet you got there, would make a great soccer ball! haha j/k it’s really well done by the way, the color choice is my kinda taste. Au faite, c’est ou que t’as appris a parler francais? tu te debrouilles pas mal :applause: alright mister…congrats on another great update.


I love your pet Sacha… good design for me… strange and pretty… A very good cooking I think :thumbsup:


The modeling is going very well … of all your characters actually. It was not an easy read to go through I must insist.

As for your last post. His skin so ressembles the feel of the thin membrane of a fish-skin. Which is really not what I had expected from the ripples along the back in the modeling. But the general of it is very adorable and fitting to everything you have showed up til now.

I guess you are of the few that has not set gor to get the upper hand of the work.

It’s all fitting in place very nicely!



he is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! great character!


Heheheh… like it!! :smiley: Wanna see more of these little creatures :wink:



extreme cutieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… very nice one…


Hey Angel, nice pet!! Where can i get one for myself dude!! heheh really really COOL!!! :buttrock:


that looks so nice!!.. i like his smile, very childish and cute… and also u did a gr8 job with the modleing, keep going :thumbsup:


hey angle ,
i would say that your work style is really attractive, fantastic , awsome and a perfect result of your hardworking … always wish you the best luck my friend, hope to see what next…
keep on …


Great texture :applause:
Very very nice pet :thumbsup: