Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener


looks very nice and cutish!!!:slight_smile:


Nice creature :thumbsup:


great stuff sacha… looking awesome man… very clean modeling… your work is very deserving of a win good luck man!!


The pet characters are going to add alot of fun to your project Great modelling on the 1st one.


Another exploit my friend :applause: Bravo Sacha !
Beautiful figure, and wonderfull “beast” zbrushy session


Modeling so far ok, zbrushed him minimal, texturing still in progress, had some petsmaking fun between watching tv and play soccer with the neighbours kids. c&c welcome as always :slight_smile:


wow ! good to see your work in progress , you go zbrush too??
do u like it?
nice stuff ! keep going!


Very nice creature with an interesting expression on her face !
Textures are cool too…no crits !:thumbsup:


Dodgeas3d: thanks mate.

Wintermute: sort of. lol. been watching Return of the king and chatting while modeling, so its sort of … uhm, stop go chill stop go chill speedmodeling :wink: thx, lol.

Koray: So will i. thanks a lot mate and keep it up too!

J++ Gragon: Thanks, its a squibbling, not a dino: uhm. hehe. rare northern species. thanks, a lot mate, i will!

Smaddl: Thanks mate!

Master Squibbit: Glad you didn’t get it wrong. Was just a funny pet with a funny name dedicated to the funniest cgtalker… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ace: I kept him smoove james, taking your advice to heart. hope he’s toony nuf for your taste. he’s a bit puffy thought, but well, sort of sweet. i hope. lol.

Virtuoso: Hahaha, only if brute and crew are unfriendly to pretty tretty :wink: thanks mate.
now a temporary texture on him. no glow yet, but having silly fun making lil pets… haha.
thanks a lot mate, i’ll keep on goin!!!

Alex: Thanks a lot my friend! Here comes squibby! lol

tilite: Well, here’s a temporary map. will take care 100% on him when i am texturing the final maps. Hehe, yeah, he’s funny and sort of big for his 25 cm’s

uwil:my zbrush won’t…start :banghead: that is lovely.

:eek: that sux. :banghead: eventually reinstall it. i wouldn’t want to work without it anymore!!!

Jan Mark: Thanks mate!

PS PL: Thanx Piotr.

Neeno: ome on, don’t overdrive, I’m very glad you like my work, but at the end, we all learn and meet each other and try to make a good work, so time will show. best luck to you too!

artemisia: Thanks a lot Janet!

Julien: Thanks a lot mate! hope you like the lil pet now, i painted a lil map for him.

Deadly Force: merci beaucoup gars!

Monsit: Jep. Zbrush is very cool and i’d never would want to work without it anymore. the whole pet from scretch took me around 3.5 hours to come here. hehe, zb rockz!

Thank you all very very much. goin to help a friend now and be back here a bit later. And hope i make it to post a nice update of my lil goddess :slight_smile:
Keep it up, all of you, best luck and enjoy what you do! CHeers, keep on rockin’
:buttrock: :beer: :wip:


hey dude… no overdrive …Its called honesty! :slight_smile: alot of hard work being put in here… great stuff… RESPECT :buttrock: … kinda cute creature man with those textures… if there was a creature like that at my local pet store, i’d visit them with a fully wallet… hes cute… LoL … great emotion!!


:drool: :love::love::drool:

I’ve been refraining from posting because you’re always so busy answering everyone but I just couldn’t resist anymore! The squib is so cute! And Inspiratia so beatiful!

I don’t agree that the creatures should necessarily be delicate because inspiration (or imagination) is a powerful thing - making them cute was a good option.

And thank you so much for the tuts and tips. Although I’m stuck back at Max 2.5 there’s a lot basic stuff that I can still use.

I won’t be posting again for a while (I rather have you working than answering me :twisted: !) but I’ll be watching!


srhhh cute little fella… nice going


great texture on that lovly squib, hatt of, and see you soon my friend :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: need to save up for a nasa computer to do my texturing (a fiew polygons :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )


CUTE! It seems very characteristic for an animal.¨
Keep up the fantastico work!


Very cool, very fast!

But I thought you were going to give them all an ethereal glow! He’ll look a bit normal like this!



Great concept, I really like how it is coming together. I am looking forward to seeing more updates. :applause:



Sonja: Thank you very very much for your kind and very motivating words. max 2.5… well, remember this: its not the tool that makes the art. :), oh no worries, am watching yours too :slight_smile:

Neeno: thx much appreciates :bowdown: :blush:

Eddie: thanks a lot!

Alex: Thanks mate!

mireneye: thank you mate!

Jan-Mark:Thanx mate! yes thats right, no particles or glow yet. I’ll play around with posteffects later, cuz at the moment, i wanna bring all major geometry more or less in place :slight_smile:

Matt: thanks mate!

going back to the drawingboard now to get my 2d a bit forward :slight_smile: cheers and thank you all!
keep on rockin’!


He is turning out quite cute,and gentle…the blue tone is a nice choice Angel…Really a well designed and fun little guy…I like the texture thus far…it’ll be nice to see what added touch you come up with…those wings are real cute…I quess in time they will blossom and carry our little guy high in the air…As for the wing base…:wink: …Looks fine to me…:wink:

Keep it coming angel a very nice and gentle creative entry for sure…done with style and execution…more needed soon,keep it blazing…:arteest:


Salut Sacha,

waouuu I am VERYY impressioné :wink: Your work is excellent and you masterise your tools and art near to the perfection. It’s incredible how you are working fast and very well.
You are incredible.
I love your work :applause:


Nice dude! You whipped him up super fast. Don’t chane a thing about him.:thumbsup: