Master and Servant 3D Entry: Sacha Diener


Sacha Diener has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Anuubis wip part3

Lol, snoopyday part 3, hand is still not finnished but i’ll fix it tomorrow. so here’s the last update for tonight, goin to take som bit of rest and be back here after work :slight_smile: cheers


ok i’m in let the games begin :slight_smile: this is goin to be fun best luck to all:wip: :buttrock: :beer:


Oooooooo subscibing to this thread for sure :slight_smile: Good luck as well!


Look forward to your entry, Good Luck :slight_smile:


Welcome Angel, this battle will be nasty!!! Muahahaha! :twisted:


Oh no Sacha is here to kick my a**—i think chances to win are reduced for us now…best luck my friend!!


Good luck Angel, looking forward to seeing all the entries.


Thanks a lot friends, i am very excited and wish you best luck too!
goin to screw some pencils now, lol


yeahh! glad to see you here again! have fun and good luck! looking forward to your sexy girl!:thumbsup:


Definatley subscribe to this one…can’t wait to see what happens


Bets of luck to you, Sacha. :wink:


I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight. There’s so much good talent here on this challenge.

Best of luck everyone!!


Wellcome to the Challenge FairyMaster :thumbsup: good luck! :bounce:


Heheh, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankeez!!! and in a min i show up with an early sketch :slight_smile: a dedicate to all artists who feel the same :)monsitj: hahah, how could you know there’s already a girl in my mind again? i start getting too predictable in my thinking :argh: Best luck to u too mate!

mosconariz, rattlesnake, ArtisticVisions, mookid2005,Climax, Lordrych, monsitj… good to c ya round friends, it will be sooo great to go trough this with such great artists and company, looking forward to a really great time!!!

the story behind my sketch (might go for another fart tomorrow after my brain got some rest…) Late at nights, when artists bodys cry for sleep, and even coffeine and other helpers start to fail, the mistress and godess INSPIRATIA steps out of the dark and with her unpredictable sweetness wich is also merciless, cruel and ruling, she demands her paladin, the overnighted artist back to the front…

and now best luck frontiers, rock em all!!! :buttrock: :buttrock: :cool: :beer:


Nice concept and good luck. Aren’t you suppose to submit the sketch though?


Interesting concept; just remember to submit the sketch through the Challenge’s Submit Entry page.


great sketch Angel and good luck. :thumbsup:



Aren’t you suppose to submit the sketch though?

not yet was just a spontanious idea that popped out of my head. i’ll workk on it tomorrow, and if i don’t find a better concept, i can still submit it :slight_smile: thanks a lot mates :slight_smile:

Alex: Thx mate, same!
best luck to all


Challenge after challenge after challenge! Good job being able to keep up with everything your involved in, and good luck in this one too.


Cool Artwork. I really like your sketching style.