Master and Servant 3D Entry: Rogério Masao Calmon Miyagi


Rogério Masao Calmon Miyagi has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final!

My concept idea comes from what I think is the most commun relationship example between master and servant, either implitly or explicitly it could be seen everywhere,it can drives ones mind compressed to our oldest parent.The most primitive motive,it can make men frequently behaves unconventionally and some times even submissively.Through some patetic creatures characters representing us,lust men and a beatiful woman with all their well managed power,I’m trying to depict this eternal but nothing boring dependence from men to women that I title “Servants Of the Master Curves”.


I’m Brazilian 25, Accidentally chinese food cook that makes 3d in spare nights .

My concept idea comes from what I think is the most common relationship example between master and servants, either implicitly or explicitly could be seen everywhere , it can drives ones mind compressed to our oldest parent. The most primitive motive, It can make men frequently behaves unconventionaly and some time even submissively and through some patetic creatures characters representing us, lust men, and a beautiful,sex and realistic (well, I will try it :slight_smile: ) deity with all their well managed power, I’ll try to depict this eternal but nothing boring dependence from men to women that I titled “Servants Of the Master Curves”.
I’ll be gratefull if you help me with my (WIP) english too.) You know, I’m learning it through Maya docs

Although i’ve been already working hard in this contest model, I did miss the rule part that say something like -you must post your working in progress-. Unfortunately, though sketches was the thing I most spent time work on, I actually don’t have a scanner so I couldin’t post my sketches for a while. Fortunately I’ve been saving my work in several files and in different stage. In fact I’m not really faraway in my project, So I’ll start by post my master character wareframe.

The best meal is the one made with love


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it looks like a very promising start! However it is hard to judge from an unsmoothed version of the mesh. But I guess you have the talend to master your challenge!


Hey, How are you?

Thanks, for the post. I need to be honest, I didn’t post a smooth version yet, because it still looks really strange in this state, but I’m working hard on it and I hope put it sooner.


well, your modelling looks clean, but the concept of your images is still a little unclear, what is the relationship going to be be? who is it whos the master? servant? please clarify a little

i hope you can also get you concept sketches online soon.

good luck :thumbsup:


I’am fine, thanks!

Just post a smoothed version, I think the folks around will help you and tell you why it looks so strange…

btw, I could use some chinese recipes :smiley:


Well I didn\'t see nothing about digital sketch. I hope this is Ok for the contest.


:thumbsup: “][ndy” I want my scketch to be the target for a while. But I promise you don’t be so vain again, And I will be putting all the progress :thumbsup: , see you!!!
About the recipes, anything:) !!!


tdawg217 , I think it’s hardest to model my cahracter in it’s final pose , so I’ll model it firstly in the standard bind pose > make a simple joint structure > bind it and make a quick skin weight > pose it > bake the pose > and make the final tweaks. that’s why you don’t find the relationship.


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great character :thumbsup:
only thing i would correct would be the arms joint
keep it up:)



I’ll stop modeling my Master characters source by now, I’ll be doing a simple joint structure to bind and position it on theirs final position by now.
The reason I take care about my characters backside…it’s because I like it!!! :eek: Well this isn’t lie at all, but the really reason it’s because I decided to put two more master characters on the foreground altar-like. I’ll be putting a new sketch about this and another changes sooner.


well done model :thumbsup: the back of her thigh looks flat but i guess it’s the light.


A humble bow and greetings Mr Miyagi, some fine modelling skills you have there good sir.
I’ve the feeling that this is going to evolve into a really amazing piece, I’ll definitely be hanging around to watch your progress. Good Luck!


She IS really nice !


Smaddl, I think you right, maybe it could be because the shader too, anyhow I can impruve that when I get their’s final position in place.


hey miyagi… great concept and modeling… thnks for suport my topic… hehe
best luck for u… pega meu msn ae …
c ya !


I like your character. I especially like her proportions. If there’s one area I could point out, her arm joints need a bit more definition. Good luck to ya :slight_smile:


i think the lung area looks oversized (not boobs, the lungz)