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Rodrigo Ribeiro has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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here\'s the master! :smiley: now I\'m gonna create the scenario and a few \‘less important\’ stuff…




I’m not 100% sure about the following concept, but I like the overall ideia of it:

Basically, I’d like to explore the relation between a videogame addicted (probably a fat kid) and his videogame console… As a videogame lover I know exactly how is this feeling :twisted:

The ideia is to make a composition where you can see both ‘characters’ face to face (the boy playing the videogame) in a room full of fast-food garbage (smashed coca-cola cans, empty pizza-boxes and stuff…) and I’m gonna exagerate things (i.e: Making a personified television/videogame ‘swallowing’ the boy while he plays)

I’m not gonna make anything realistic, my goal is to acchieve something cartoony/bizarr. To help you guys to understand the visual concept, here’s a very good example of what I meant with “cartoony/bizarr”:

oh, and I’m not gonna make things ‘bloody’ like Mark’s work.

PS: the first concepts are gonna be uploaded very soon, probably until sunday.

Greetings and good luck for everyone!


hi Rod good luck to you. waiting for it :wip:



I’ve decided a few things about the visual concept and about the story behind it.

Ok folks, here I go (and first thing of all: sorry for my english):

  1. Story/Detailed idea:
    There’s this boy who’s a videogame addicted and he can’t stop playing at all! just like beeing a slave of the game console itself ‘who’ (the console is also a character) keeps him in front of the television in some sort of trance with his eyes fixed on the images that are displayed on the TV.

Obviously, no one can survive without food and/or drinks so there will be plenty of junk-food garbage surrounding the subject (coke cans, pizza boxes, etc).

Now, the most important aspect is that everything takes place in the past! Actually a “twisted past” around the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s at the same time! (I know, I know… there was no videogames by that time, but in my ‘imagination’ THERE WILL BE! :P). How I’m supposed to do that? Simply putting various elements from all these decades (I’m gonna explain exactly what and how, just wait a few lines, ok? :wink: )

Why the scene takes place in the past? Because to me is way easier to do bizarr things using old clothes, old furniture… old references in general.

  1. Visuals:
    Regarding the description above, I decided to mix different elements together from differents decades. ie: the television will be a vintage tv (see concept-art bellow), the boy will be dressed as a typical kid from the 50/60’s, the videogame will be some sort of 80’s console (atari-like), etc.

My main reference for the overall mood is the work of TIM BURTON and MARK RYDEN (but with no blood at all). Oh, and I’m decided to use a ‘mixed light’ setup (like having a blueish light coming out of the tv and a warm yellow/orange light coming from a small candle behind the boy.

Well, I’m not sure if I’m beeing clear with this, as I’m not comfortable with my english.

Here are the initial sketches after some research on image bank websites and some brain work :applause:


first sketches made after some research on the web…


first sketches made after some research on the web…


first sketches made after some research on the web…


this is my idea for the composition… both characters face-to-face…


and now the updated boy’s head! I think i’m gonna use this one as the “final” one…


Hi digones, I really enjoy your style and this concept’s got loads of potential.
Good luck!


I agree - this is a relly good concept and great looking sketches! Good luck!



I took the first pics with my mobile’s camera, that why they’re all blurred… so here are some better shots taken with a “regular” digital camera :slight_smile:


Nice sketch mate!!! keep it up and good luck!!:thumbsup:


love the ideia and the sketches, really original and different from the usual stuff i’ve been seeing on the challenge entries…



Thanks!! :applause:

btw, is that a baby with a cigarette??? lol :cool:



Hi Rodrigo! Nice sketchs man! It’s the classic slavery example hehehehe! Manda v amigo!!!


Hahahaha so funny ! The idea is cool and the your concept character is really nice, i love the design…colors fits well also, so now modeling hmm ? :bounce:


greetings! :smiley:

I decided to submit this WIP to keep the thread updated.

I’ve started the head with the boxmodeling approach then I jumped the poly-by-poly to fix the loops. Oh, I’m using maya, btw…

Today is MODELING DAY (due to some time-off the other jobs) :cool:

cheers and I hope you appreciate the WIP.


greetings!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Here’s some updates… the head is far from beeing finished, but it has the basic shape an some minor details.

I’m not gonna put do many wrinkles 'cause the character should be a children (and everyone knows that kids have soft skin).

Least but not last, I’m gonna separate the head from the body, to make the t-shirt.

that’s it for now, I hope someone enjoys it.



comming along nicely!, however, I DEMAND drool in 3d! :smiley: