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Robert Eddings has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Servant by day…

This is my new concept idea. I wanted to come up with something that portrayed the Master and Servant idea more clearly and a bit more light hearted.


I’m really looking forward to this Challenge. From the moment I first read about it, images and ideas started popping into my head. Good luck to everyone that enters. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


Hey man, since you subbed to my thread I thought I would sub to yours, you know, just to be nice, you borring hack… haha :D:D joking joking !!

Seriously though, im really curious as to what your going to come up with. :thumbsup:


Goodnight My Prince

The setting is a stylized midevil yet far distant future. Women hold all the power. Conflicts between clans are settled by pitting genetically engineered warrior creatures against each other in massive battles. Ancient folklore tells of a time when some human infants were born male but this hasn’t been the case for over twelve generations so most women don’t believe it’s true. All human children now begin life as In Vetro fertilized eggs with genetic material from other women so they are always female. Warriors begin life as spliced egg cells in a lab then implanted into huge bovine type animals to grow. To most women the warriors are nothing more than bipedal male cows born to fight.

To the clan princess Abrilin, her warrior is more than just an animal. Her status has allowed her to raise and train only a single warrior. Arvek was chosen by the young princess from the warrior herds when they were both just fourteen years of age. Abrilin illegally taught Arvek to speak her language and think for himself. Over the years they grew very close but the relationship was kept secret because its discovery would mean execution for them both.

The image we see is the final stage of a massive battle between Abrilin’s clan and another. Losses have been great for both sides and Arvek has been mortally wounded. Abrilin runs from the safety of the battle viewing area to be by the side of her Arvek. With his head in her lap she places her hand on his bleeding chest to comfort him in his last moments.

PROLOG: There is a twist to this story that will be revealed only after the final image is submitted.


Project Title: Goodnight My Prince

This is the first basic layout sketch. My intention was to create some foreground, midground and background space to tell the story. The woman is comforting the creature, that fights for her, as he dies. The upper right shows other female masters watching the battle of great beasts. Lefthand side is the battleground with many creatures dead and dieing near the end of the battle. The foreground creature will be much larger and “Ork like” in the final composition.


Hi GraphicDragon,

Great story, It 's a pity that Arvek will die…:sad:
Create a battle field ask a lot of time and work but I am sure you "ll be able to handle it.
Good luck to you.


Thanks ninox.

It’s true there will be a lot of characters in the scene but all the worriors will be the Arvek model (with a few texture color changes) and all the female masters will be the Abrilin model. I’m not saying they are clones, it’s just that the background characters will be too far away to see facial details.

There will be a lot of posing and I’ll have to render in several passes but I’m willing to push myself a bit with this challenge. I’m having fun.


I made some quick mannequins to work out the pose of the main characters and to test basic proportions. This is not the final camera angle, lighting or scene composition. I just wanted to test how the different character proportions would work together.


wow! I love the story, and a twist?! you sly dog you :smiley:

seriously though this should be great if you can match my expertise that is :wink: haha jk

Honestly though if the final image is as deep as your story you will definatly win… “something” :wink: :smiley:


update man! update!! :smiley:


It’s coming man, it’s coming! Get off my back! Haha… j/k.

I’ve taken this first week of the challenge to really plan out and schedule how I’m gonna get this thing done. I feel like many people are ready to submit a final and I haven’t started modeling yet but planning first works best for me. After today will be daily updates.

Thanks for making sure I’m not slackin’!


of course man :wink:

thats good that you have a plan set out, I probably should do the same, but (especially for personal work) I cant stick to a schedule. I know i will just end up saying F’ the schedule :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant wait to see how things will turn out :bounce:


Stop slackin’ slacker! :smiley: Only kidding. Just wanted to make sure all is well in the Eddings thread :smiley:


I’ve done some modeling but after showing my ideas to some co-workers… I will be coming up with a new concept. As one co-worker so eloquently stated “The image wont work without the story and it needs to tell the story by itself. Also, there is nothing original about a woman mourning a soldier on a battlefield.”

As much as I hate to admit it, they are right.

My new idea is more lighthearted and I’m pretty sure I can get it done in the time left. A new concept sketch will be up soon.


awwww, that sucks. Ah well, cant wait to see your new concept!


This is my new concept idea. I wanted to come up with something that portrayed the Master and Servant idea more clearly and a bit more light hearted.


servant to the comp? if thats how im understanding it?

looks good…

(if im wrong then… umm looks good anyways ;))


Yep… I guess the whole title should be “Servant by day… Master at night”.

The idea is about how we are so often servants to the computer during the day and only at night can we tell the computer what to do.


haha too true eh, too true :slight_smile:

lets get some modelling done now!


Unfortunately, obligations at work will make it imposable to complete this challenge. I look forward to digging in the next go round. Good luck everybody… some amazing art is being made.