Master and Servant 3D Entry: Richard LaBrie


Richard LaBrie has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Texturing: Thanatos’s NetherBeast…Pain! (WIP)

Ok I have added a bit more detail to Pain’s texture. This is hopefully the last day of my cold… but with only 25 days left… I feel under the gun to get stuff done…


Hey Richard

Was wondering when I was going to see you in this challenge, Good luck to ya .



Hello my friends… I hope to see all of you from last challenge in here. I am once again honored to participate in such a prestigious challenge. This one is very interesting and over the next week I will be doing several prototype designs and sketches in preparation of this challenge. I think the subject matter should give rise to many very different images from all of the talented people whom participate in this challege. Congrats again to the winners of the last challenge and Know… I plan on raising my bar even higher this time. :slight_smile: See ya round.


Whats up man. You betta believe it! :slight_smile:


hullo Richard…nice to see u here again…so what is it going to be this time eh?


yo wassup man, good to c a GSO buddy again… let me know what ya cooking… c ya aroung and good luck bro… :thumbsup:


Thanks for the welcoming… I am inking a character sketch now that I will upload later for one of my dominant characters. I plan to use Kylee the blue slave bot which I had conceptualized during the last contest. This is going to be fun…


hey hey hey! u are in! :smiley: , i was wondering where u are ! :slight_smile: , well what happend my mate with that magazin about gso ?


I decided to hold back until this challenge started. I am working on it now though. :slight_smile: Good to see you back.


well , just came to take a look at your posts … any way , good luck !


Well,well…look what the cat dragged into this challenge…:wink:

It’s about time son!:thumbsup:

Where you been?

Now get this thing rolling all proper like…You got my two eyes looking on…best to you Richard…And great to have you back for more fun…:arteest:


Greetings ||) |V| |^|, good luck with the conceptcompetition!


Hey Richard,
Nice to see you in the contest again, and I look forward to what you come up with . Good luck to you.


Hi Richard, welcome back. I guess you´re in the lab thinking about, how to put Billions of little pieces into this image as well. Stunning amount the last time. This time I´ll try to follow the thread more, even thogh: If it gets as crouded as the last time, I might give up at some time. It was totally impossible to follow last time. Just impossible…:slight_smile:

See ya around, go have fun. And yeah, also looking forward to the magazine:thumbsup:


Kept us waiting huh. Godo to see you joined. Good luck.


Thanks everyone great to see you all back here! :slight_smile: W00t the old crew is rollin again… Sorry for the delay on entering but I have had some major project work that I had to finish first… But its rollin now. :slight_smile: I am about to upload the first of my character designs… Hehe, please tell me what you think… let those critiques rip!


Ok guys n gals, here is my first concept sketch. This is Thanatos lord of the dead, master of the afterlife. I will be detailing out the followers of death soon after. The main focus in this was the 6 appendaged pale horse of thanatos in this image. I will be detailing him out further as well. Stay tuned.


Nice to see you back, Richard. :slight_smile:

As for the concept, is the beast suppose to be the servant or is it an extention of the Master? (read something about followers; would they be the servants?)


i like the sketch man !


The beast is an extension of his master. The servants will be the followers. I am working on a few different designs that may be them. Will be back with more. This is only a character sketch not an entire scene sketch.