Master and Servant 3D Entry: Qian Jin


Respect :buttrock:
Will you give us a link for the big version? :wink:


Hi again steven, congratulations for driving this one home mate! Your final looks brilliant! I love all the detailing…stunning…


The poor jester is either master’s funny tool or his groom. The drove monster don’t want to obey the juster’s words, and the master just enjoy jester’s service. The female servant keeps out sun shine for master. we can see two kinds of difference complicated sentiment on her eyes – commiseration to jester and dread to master. There are many strong contrast on this image, action and quiet, cool color and warm color, etc. I do this to describe master’s stateliness and power to contrast servant’s obedience. My purpose is used nice color and graphic composing to simulate the atmosphere like opera style.

The whole works spend me 16 days. I done other works to join a competition of HongKong in few days before. So I done this too hurry, maybe it is not enough good. Hehe~~~ I really hope have more time to do some new works on next competition. I done this work in some softwares which is Maya, Zbrush, 3Ds Max, Photoshop. These days closed finish it, I didn’t sleep near 6 days. That’s really too tired. And to me, that also is a challenge. I think I need to sleep now. Thanks to everyone who support me. If you like my image, please voting me~~~ hehe ~~~~


Congratulations Qian… I just see one of the most interesting project in this challenge… great skills for a great final masterpiece…

A real pleasure to discover your process for this very original idea… and I wish you the best for the votes… you have yet mine :scream:


Great and original picture. I specially like the warm colors in the image.


Great final image, so nice picture. Congratulations


awesome dude!!!


ok, now I’m seriously impressed, amazing work you did here, congratulations with your final entry, top of the list for sure !



thanks for every artist congratulate ,here is my first in CGtalk challenge,hope you like my picture,


this image is so,so,so,great, love it mate. hope to see more from you sone, see you and have a great day. smilies dont work so. tumbs up, tumbs up, tumbs up, tumbs up.


This is my HONGKONG 3D CHALLENGE :“monster”


woow man, it’s even better, really love your work, most impressive (2 times)! That Monster on foreground is great, the one behind defenitely seems like an “hommage” to some monsters we already know, right ? :wink: but what a neat finish… an other challenge you’re about to win! Congrats!




Wow! This is an awesome piece. Amazing light you created (HDRI and MR probably).
However I have to agree that the monster looks very similar to this image:

Maybe was not your intention but not only the head, also the objects attached and the expression in his mouth looks very similar to me. Even the saliva in his mouth in the final render of both works is almost the same. Good luck.

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wow!! very very expressive image!! good luck :thumbsup:


Hi steven.qian

congrats super image, no crits, maybe clown character in foreground a bit
off balance, my be intentional, well done!

My m-s
comments welcome. good luck in the voting


just to makes things clear here, when I was mentionning the “hommage”…I wasn’t insinuating anything… I was refering to the “Alien (giger)” monsters. That’s all.



Wow Qian…:thumbsup:

Very good work and original idea, a like it .

congratulation. :bounce:


Hi Qian,thats a great image,and i loved that…really great…good luck on the voting…:thumbsup: :wink:


And I was referring to this message:

Excellent zbrushing! The render of the elf character looks good, too! Feels like it’s a porcelain doll or something like that. The only thing that I would comment is that the face of the slug looks a lot like the last machineFlesh winner. Other than that, it’s awesome! Good luck!

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amazing work man… this is most probobly the most well made piece in this challange… very well done and great show of skillz. I love ur models, the textureing is very goo and the overall atmosphere is very vibrent and colorful. I like the warm feeling in ur picture. That expression on the master’s face is looking reallt good. U nailed it with that chick… she is so hot… keep up the good works man… wish u all the best :thumbsup: