Master and Servant 3D Entry: Qian Jin


master production process in maya


master 2


It’s funny,I like it’s concetp.


Excellent zbrushing! The render of the elf character looks good, too! Feels like it’s a porcelain doll or something like that. The only thing that I would comment is that the face of the slug looks a lot like the last machineFlesh winner. Other than that, it’s awesome! Good luck!



here is master modeling and monster


master segment modleing


Man ur skills are awesome :slight_smile: .Sure man UR work are awesome ,too :thumbsup: . I hope u can finish it in time.Goodluck.


Great! I like that little freak in xmas hat very much :thumbsup:


Great concept and modeling, very detailed
good luck!!:thumbsup:


I am very sorry that I always got the information later than others. When I heard of this CG Master and Servant 3D competition, it was already May 2nd. However, I was determined to participate using my after work time. That is why it lacks many details. First, I must swear under god that I did not copy or learning machineFlesh Winner’s works.

My work originated from my tour of the seafood market, seeing turtles and snails. Please understand.


so rich of details! i love it

good job! :thumbsup:


Wow, It must have taken you some time to texture your character. Pretty scary looking servant, I thing I’ll look under my bed before I fall asleep.
All the best to you I can’t wait to see the final image


here is my first concept sketch




here is Post Effects and Compositing
hope you like it


here is my final image
,wahaha ,i finish the work.
I need sleep


here is my big image .i need sleep now


YOur modeling skills are so gooood… Nice job. Respect


hope you like it

Nope… [b]Cause I like it amazingly much! :eek: :eek: :eek: :twisted:

[/b]Sad that I find out this thread so late… This is just one of the best entries of them all! :thumbsup: It looks so damn nice… The composition, shading, texturing, lighting… All just amazing! :buttrock:

Very much good luck in the voting! :slight_smile: & Have nice day over there in China :wink: ,


Great finish qian, a superb entry thats certainly going to be at the top, great characters and background. i love your choice of colours, they really are very striking. the modelling is obviously top notch, especially the level of detail you managed to achieve. lots of luck:thumbsup: