Master and Servant 3D Entry: Qian Jin


thank for you encouraged,I Hope Finish working in challenges end !!!
i no time <<555555


Holy macarol :eek: . Best work Ive seen so far on this challenge. Keep it up!


But on the other hand it is somehow familiar … reminds me to Machineflesh winner…


great work:thumbsup:
personally i think the man in the skech is more interesting then the one in Zbrush
yea,would it be better to make your Zbrush one a smaller eye and smaller forehead.


this is my master render test wip


awsome rendering:)
kinda hyper-real sort of style,
this one looks better then the one in Zbrush.
i personally think adding a little vein type of thing will looks even better.
great work:thumbsup:


servant light test wip


is my SERVANT rendering test fast,no finial


hope you like my Servant render test and modeling . no complete



Nice work!
That guys such a little freak.


good skin shading… but too much oily finish… may be u can cut off some specular…


Hi Quan Jin, Really ugly and enticing characters!Keep up the great work!


Really cool character! Skin looks a little too shiny, but the coloration, modeling, etc. are absolutely great! :thumbsup:


Love your work!! I think the skin shader is really nice, but it’s too plasticky for me. Can’t wait for the background, Keep up the good work!!


Outstanding, wow, which render program have you used for this image???


Rock Stuff!~~ I Hope To See The Final Pic~~

Nice Render And Texture!


hehey,Ur chaacter design is jaw dropping,Awesome,although i didnt like the master’s pose,could be more impressive.and uv got great skills in zbrush too…have u ever made a zscript?if so,would u give us a link?



very sorry, I did not save as zscript, but I will give the detailed production process. This clown is a servant pulling his master’s ride. It specifically shows his misery and pain. He is not the master. This is not a polished image. Thank you for your comments. The rendering was done in Brazil.


oh,yes…thats ok,but have u imported it in max or other apps?u said u have rendered using Brazil.
i agree with safe05,the skin looks a little too shiny,decrease the spec amount.
keep it up!:smiley:


i love it :buttrock:

updates plz!!!