Master and Servant 3D Entry: Qian Jin


Hi steven.qian

congrats super image, no crits, maybe clown character in foreground a bit
off balance, my be intentional, well done!

My m-s
comments welcome. good luck in the voting


just to makes things clear here, when I was mentionning the “hommage”…I wasn’t insinuating anything… I was refering to the “Alien (giger)” monsters. That’s all.



Wow Qian…:thumbsup:

Very good work and original idea, a like it .

congratulation. :bounce:


Hi Qian,thats a great image,and i loved that…really great…good luck on the voting…:thumbsup: :wink:


And I was referring to this message:

Excellent zbrushing! The render of the elf character looks good, too! Feels like it’s a porcelain doll or something like that. The only thing that I would comment is that the face of the slug looks a lot like the last machineFlesh winner. Other than that, it’s awesome! Good luck!

  • limo


amazing work man… this is most probobly the most well made piece in this challange… very well done and great show of skillz. I love ur models, the textureing is very goo and the overall atmosphere is very vibrent and colorful. I like the warm feeling in ur picture. That expression on the master’s face is looking reallt good. U nailed it with that chick… she is so hot… keep up the good works man… wish u all the best :thumbsup:


wow…wonderful piece!!very beautiful color and stunning characters a lot.
congrats. :applause: :buttrock:


limousine : THAHKS, maybe we happened to have the same inspiration. Sometimes great minds think alike, don’t they? But my foremost inspiration is from a snail, and a turtle. The face is inspired by Bride of Chucky .

Be cool and happy, you guys~


I like it’s concept and image. You’ve put in a lot of work on it .I know you’ve strained here to show emotions.Hope to see mroe of your work around, and hope to see you in the next challenge. Good luck and keep it up.


Excelente trabajo :eek:

Maravilloso modelado, texturas y todo en general :thumbsup:


Thanks to everyone who support me. If you like my image, please voting me~~~



Great image… i like the details on models and evironment:thumbsup: Congratulation!!!:applause:



thank s , I HOPE YOU VOTE ME


It is not us you have to convince dude, but the 6 (and only) judges of the jury! :wink:
Congrats again with that amazing picture!



I like it very much ,good job !!


wow,very very nicc!!!


Fantastic piece, great job steven~, nice to see U here~
Keep up, 严重支持国人~~:thumbsup:


congratulations to all the winners,@@


Am I blind? or you’re not in the Shortlist ? :eek: :eek: …something’s gotta be wrong here.





but i will
hope the next challenge start have quality of being just fairness.