Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pop Radu Octavian


Wow, very nice street lighting you accomplished there.


Thanks Gerard. I`ll post an update in a few minutes.


For the background layer I used 2 images ( the first one rendered in FPrime and the second one rendered in Layout - only for the lens flares and glow effects, with the image in LW`s background)


Hey Radu,
Its been a while since I have seen your thread. You have done a great job finishing up the character models. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: The background textures,architecture and lighting all look very well done. You are going to have an excellent image I think. Good luck finishing this.


Thanks Mike for kind words.
I hope it will be a nice image.
I not so sure Ill finish in time. The deadline is so close. I remember your concept ideea for your entry. A very nice concept. Ill go to your thread after the challange will be closed (to see and read all) to see the entire workflow and progres.
And of course, the final image.
Im sorry I didnt have the time to see the many well donne works for this challange.


The background layer is almost ready. If Ill have the time Ill do some minor adjustments.


I wasnt able to finish this challange. Maybe next time. I thought to post the current stage of my work. The background and both characters are not ready yet(he he, especially the chimp) When it will be ready, Ill post the final image, here, on CG Talk.
Now, I have enought time to see the many well donne entries and, of course, to give my vote.
It was a nice theme.
Good luck to all the participants in this challange.


Hey Radu,
This is too bad, you have a really strong image here.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: I look forward to seeing it finished up though. You did a great job on this so Congrats are still in order.
See you later.


Yeah, I’m looking forward to the finished version too. All the work you’ve had so far is top-notch.


Please my friend, finish this work, ok? It´s a very good image, i hope to see the final version soon mate, take care. :thumbsup:


Hi everyone,

I finally finished the image for my entry.
I hope you`ll like it.
You can see it here
Comments and critics are wellcome.
Once again, thanks everyone for your great support.
Take care;



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