Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pop Radu Octavian


The chimp`s violin - no textures


This is the final composition.


looks great , i love it :buttrock:


Thanks cgg. I`m glad you like it.


I hope in this weekend I`ll finish all the modeling work, one week for the textures and next weekend to start rendering the final image.


Really excellent modeling!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I’d give that monkey some money! Keep up the great work…I look forward to more. Cheers!


wonderful work PROcatavia … the chimp is excellent … adds so much emotion to the scene



Nice radu…Thats worth much more than a dime …well done…you’re doing a quite a nice job here…bring this strong to the finish radu…I’ll be watching…best of luck to you…:thumbsup:


Your character work is simply amazing. :buttrock:


very good, the monkey has the perfect, please give me some money look. :applause: gonna look here agian when you texter it… :slight_smile:


rynomyte - He he, thanks Ryan. In that case, my monkey will have a happy smile on her face. A smile for you.
pigwater - Thank you very much Gehry. I hope Ill be able to catch this feeling in the final image. [B]Virtuoso[/B] - Thank you very much Michael. Best of luck to you to, mate! [B]Alan Daniels[/B] - Alan, Im glad you like my characters.
makaron - Thanks makaron, I hope the textures will make the characters credible enought for this concept idea. Thank you.


I have finished the background building.
There are a few objects I have to model, but I think Ill start texturing. Only five days for this, I hope Ill finish in time.


The same building


Pop Radu, really nice modeling.


Thank you Gerard for the kind words.


I decided to finish first the background and after that to do the two characters.
Even though the two main characters are the most important pieces for this theme, working this way Ill be able to render almost entire area of the final image, and so, I will gain some important time. For the background buildings and for the street, in the first image is one spotlight and in the second one, there are, until now, 32 differentlights. Both images were rendered in FPrimes working window.
Ill have to add some dirt, some water slops in the street, finish the street lamps, etc. In this stage, for me, the only solution is coffee, coffee and ..... coffee. Thank you everybody for c&c and for great support. Im really sad that I do not have all the time I want, to see so many beautifull and interesting entries.


nice work - your latest image looks very promising. I look forward to more interesting stuff …


Thanks Vlad, I hope I`ll be able to do a nice image (and finish in time, too).


Some of the textures I have used to the background building.


And the background building - raw rendered image.