Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pop Radu Octavian


The last piece, the hand for my old man, is ready.


Old man`s hand - quick texture test


Ive donne the concept sketch and the rig for the old man. T changed the name of my work. The new name is: [B]A dime for my Master.[/B] The old man will be a beggar. A beggar and his monkey fighting to survive in the hard days of the first years of the last century. I hope Ill be able to chatch the mood of those years.


This is the final pose for the beggar. Next step, the modeling details.


really comuing together PROctavia … something about his hips though … they seem a little to big in the “Y” for me … if his thighs were bigger it might feels more natural … just a thought

lookin good with a good but sad story :thumbsup:


Very good job in the hands and shoes, good facial expresssion too.

Good luck


pigwater - Gehry, Im not sure I understand you. My english is not so good as it seems. Please explain me again your comments. Thank you my friend. [B]ilusiondigital[/B] - Thanks Victor. Im glad you like it. The clothes are not detailed yet. I didn`t want to waste too much time with thr rig (and weightmaps) for the old man, so, the bones deformations are not correct and natural. I choosed to add the details later, after the final pose was set.


I ve almost finished the old beggar. The last modeling details will be donne after Ill do the rest: the monkey ( a macaques or a chimp, Im not sure yet), the street and the houses. Im not sure yet about his facial expression. Ill will make him very sad as it was before, or with a little, little smile. I think Ill try a bitter, rancid smile.


Oldman is very good model, he has got personality :thumbsup:

Good luck!


• Hi Octavian, I hadn’t see your entry, sorry about that! you are doing great here, looks like the old man is still kicking some butts, not bad at his age uh? :smiley:


PROctavia … ignore my other post … your latest render fixed what i was talking about

great old man you have made :thumbsup:


Cuneyt - Thanks Cuneyt. Im glad you like it. Good luck to you too. [B]Omar[/B] - No problem Omar. With so much entries and only two months for this contest, I doubt there is anybody who saw all the entries. Yes, maybe he looks a little to strong for his age. Ill see what i can do about that. Thanks.


I finally get to your message. Thamks Gehry, I`m glad you like it.


hi…good modelling progress!..going nice!:slight_smile: good luck*mate


Thanks Goktug. I`m glad you like it.


Initially, I intended to do a little monkey, but Ive changed my mind, and Ive donne a chimp - the servant.
The hands are chlothes are taken from the old man, I rigged the nomkey in her position then i added the details.
Its not ready yet, but for the moment, its good enought.


The chimp in his final pose.


Hi pop…I like me my monkey’s…nice work,and thats one fine “monkey suit”…see you as you on…:arteest:


He He, he is a intelligent, sensible and tricky chimp.
Thanks Michael.


The cimp woll hold a violin in his left hand.