Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pop Radu Octavian


Pop Radu Octavian has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: A DIME FOR MY MASTER - unfinished

I wasnt able to finish this challange. Maybe next time. I thought to post the current stage of my work. The background and both characters are not ready yet(he he, especially the chimp) When it will be ready, Ill post the final image, here, on CG Talk.
Now, I have enought time to see the many well donne entries and, of course, to give my vote.
It was a nice theme.
Good luck to all the participants in this challange.


For this challange I choosed to do a poor old man with his servant, am little monkey.
This will be the name of the work.
Im not sure yet about the composition. Maybe they will stand in the street under a lamp or something like this, or maybe near an old fence or tree. Both characters will be rigged so, Ill decide the final composition after the rig will br donne. So, I started with the head. Its not ready yet, but for the moment its enought. Ill add some other details later.
All opinions are welcome.
Happy modeling and rendering everybody!


The same head, this time it`s a rendered image.


really nice head. wrinkles looks good. Just one thing, at the top of the noze they are bit strange, it’s not natural to have that at this point of face, i think.

Good start anyway the model is promising.
Good luck.



Hey Radu,

That is a nice model you have created, I like the step by step on how you created it. I haven’t tried modeling a head that way. I like your concept that you are doing , good luck.


Very nice model. I love the wrinkly detail! Keep up the good work!

Can’t wait to see the monkey!



DaVee - Thanks David. Regarding the top of the noze, youre right. Ill fix it later.
mmoir - Thanks Mike. Not so difficult to model this way. Almost the same like box modeling. For organic and high detailed meshes
Im more familiar with this method. koko93s - Thanks Jason. For the monkey. Ill use Saslite, so many many instances in more than one scene. Dont know yet exactly how Ill make the fur. The major problem is that I do not have so much time and Im afraid Ill not finish in time.


Great job Radu… Time for textures?


Ohh, I have a lot of vertices to push. Its a long way till Ill get to the textures.


Im not ill be able to finish this challange but ill give it a try. Heres the overcoat for the old man. The jacket and the shirt were made using parts from the overcoat.


In this one is the old man with the clothes, rendered in Layout with FPrime.


The pants and the shoes for the old man


The old man is almost ready


I did a quick texturing test for the shoes


good stuff proctavian … i’m startin to see the character in the old guy come out … shoes came out good ( could dirty them up a bit, sepecially if there gonna be outside )

good work and will be lookin to see how this grows :thumbsup:


Thanks Gehry. Yes, the old man will stay to the corner of the street, together with his monkey, so, I`ll have to put some dirt on his shoes.


Hey Radu,
Great job on the shoes:applause: , the coat looks good but could use a little more definition .Keep at it , things are looking good.


I love the modeling of the old man’s face. :thumbsup: He really has character.


how much for the pair? :slight_smile:


mmoir - Thanks Mike. Ill add all the modeling details after both characters will be rigged and after Ive decided the final poses.
I have two different ideas and Ill have to decide myself in the next couple of days about the final composition. [B]Alan[/B] - Thanks Alan. Im glad you like my elder.
Bne[/B] - He he, man, those are not for sale. These shoes are a present for my old guy. Maybe the next pair?